Wilska is one of the weaker human kingdoms in the Trionesse region. Originally a poor settlement that survived on "mucking" fish in the tidal zone, Wilska was invigorated some centuries ago by rich treasure finds in its lands and by Wilskan adventurers returning from foreign travels laden with loot. This windfalls allowed for the construction of a wall around Wilska, validating a claim to kingship as well as the impressive Tarmad tower. Much of Wilska remains poor and run-down however.

Wilska Domains

The King claims the Neasal Stream valley from the sea at Welden to the edge of the Trionesse forest. Note that the forest in this area includes the blighted forest near Dryana. The King also claims Asrka, the tower Tarmad and the village Omanil.

Much of this land is in the tidal zone and is therefore wasteland. The non-tidal Wilskan lands are all in the blight zone and define a narrow strip wedged between Vara in the west, Trionesse in the south and Ophio to the east.

The main trails are shown on the map, additional ones run in the blighted land between Omanil and Wilska. The main trail to Arska from Wilska is partly in the tidal zone and flooded periodically.


The town sits on a small hill whose northwestern flank is lapped by the tides with the Neasal Stream passing to its west. The Trionesse Forest crowds it to the south with what little field and pasture the town has all to the north in a mile wide strip of land between the tidal mud flats and unblighted parts of Ophio. The tidal mud flats ensure that Wilska is a smelly, unhealthy place.

Both Ophio and Trionesse have Wilska well cowed and the King and his people keep clear of those domains.

Wilska has a poor wooden wall supplemented in places with stone towers built over the centuries with some of the windfall wealth but generally in poor repair. The king's wooden hall sits on a high rocky crag within the walls, reached by a winding path. The current king completely rebuilt it after he took the throne 5977. Using proceeds from his foreign adventures, he built one of the finer halls in the land with guilt trim and crowning pieces on the roof, a fine paved floor and ample room. The King still sees the hall as the main badge of his authority and maintains it as best he can but his adventuring loot is spent and it is faded from its former glory.

The town itself is of undistinguished wooden construction, mostly residences plus some storehouses for barrels of salted fish and small factories for rope production and storage using hartwill fiber from Omanil.

Imperial Road

The old Imperial Road cuts through Wilskan domains, mostly through the tidal zone. The road is paved in this region and in good enough repair that it is still the preferred method of travel, although transit of the Neasal valley obviously requires that the tides be well timed.

The stone Fiftimil (Fifty Mile) Bridge across the Neasal is in good repair and is the focus for the spirit Troan (see below).


A small town to the southwest of Wilska, linked by a good trail to both Wilska and Vara. Fields are cut from blighted land and not very productive. Arska grows some wheat and vegetables and grazes sheep and some cattle.

The lord of Arska has a fortified manor house of stone with a tower used for look-out and to hold villagers during raids.


Similar to Arska, Omanil is also cut from blighted land and not very productive. Most of the town works the fishing grounds at Welden and the salt work, living to the cycle of the tides and not the sun. Crops and animals are for subsistence except for hartwill, which is a plant valued for its fiber and one that tolerates blighted soil well.

Nets for the fishworks are made on long fence-like racks. The visitor will nearly always see many nets in various states of construction and repair. Omanil exports its raw fiber and some finished rope and nets.

The lord of Omanil has a fortified manor house on a rock outcrop over the tidal zone. The outcrop has a series of caves used by the lord for storage and refugee for the villagers as needed in times of trouble.


Tarmad marks the southern extent of Wilska and as it both watches Vara and presents the face of Wilska to the rest of the Jaggerland, it is one of the finest structures built by the Wilskan kings from one of their first large treasure hordes. Over 200 years old, there have been numerous repairs and additions, of mixed quality.

The original cylindrical great tower 45 feet across and 100 feet high remains the center of the structure. It contains the lord's hall and chambers, and the main supply rooms and well. Small curtain walls enclose several courtyards. The Inn Courtyard has a small inn and stables for travelers (most push on to Wilska or Vara and do not stay in Tarmad). The King's courtyard houses barracks (in severe disrepair) and an exercise yard, little used now plus some huts for some servants at the tower.

Welden Fishing Camp

This tidal camp consists of stonework weirs, nets and pools used to trap fish. There are also a number of shallow pools constructed on the high hill in the center of Welden ruins for trapping sea water for salt works. These stoutly walled pools have gates to allow water in, or keep them out for drying to salt. Most of the Welden fish folk live in Omanil to the east.

Notable People


King Zvakar King since 5977 when he took the throne from Queen Immora, the widow of King Lanza. The couip was bloodless and he set her up in some comfort in Narsaaq where she still leaves and by all accounts is happier than she was in Wilska. Once a feared warrior who made a considerable fortune in foreign adventures, Zvakar has grown fat, reliving his glory days in drunken revel with his old, aging cronies. He has no respect among the other Jaggerland kings and the poorness of his lands is one of the few things that keep out meddling outsiders.
Bateran Bateran adventured with Zvakar in his youth and helped him take the thrown. A bit of a charming rogue, Bateran took a minor noble wife and slid into the role of unofficial court bard where he now stokes the King's ego when not chasing hall wenches.
Jaenna Bateran's daughter. She heads the hall guard and keeps a tight rein on the household.
Mandor Young noble, older than Jaenna and head of the Regon family, one of the older noble families in Wilska. Zvakar decided to coopt the family during his coup and treated the old family head Marin well but has had difficulty keeping Mandor happy. Mandor resents not being given charge of Tarmad or Arska but Zvakar does not trust him out of his sight.
Egeria Lady of Tarmad castle although she spends most of her time at Wilska these days. Another old traveling companion of Zvakar and a beauty in her day. She is a priest and is attuned to Troan and Welden.
Dumnor Dumnor is a young uncle of Mandor only ten years older then him. He is a wizard and lives in Tarmad, away from the squalid Wilskan court. Dumnor frequently travels.
Venthis Venthis is the new Lord of Arska, having replaced the previous one last year who was accused of treason by plotting with Vara. Venthis is an elderly noble from Wilska, little concerned with anything but his own comforts. He appears a safe hand for the king but not very energetic.
Gregoir Former Lord of Arska, Gregoir has fled to Hvalsey where he plots revenge.
Ninna The Lady of Omanil is the daughter of one of Bateran's old companions. She visits Wilska little but goes out of her way not to give offense to the King.


Primary industry:

  • Salted fish
  • Salt
  • Rope
  • Nets


Driana, Varrina and Irina spirits are not in the Wilska sphere of influence although they are often honored by Wilskans living nearby.


Troan is an old imperial spirit who presents himself as a stout, middle aged human male. He is 1800 years old and dates from the mid-Imperial era. His powers are mixed with an original portfolio of protection and divination, common to spirits of cross roads and bridges. Since the Cataclysm and the resulting periodic flooding of his domain, he has acquired some water aspects related to survival in water (water walking, water breathing, etc.)

Troan is the primary Wilskan spirit and honored by the King as his patron spirit.


The Welden area spirits from the Imperial age are no more. The current Welden spirit is that of a fisherman named Tolly who died in the area in a storm surge a few hundred years ago. His domains include divination and control over weather and sea creatures. He is much honored by the folk of Omanil, his original home and home to the fishermen that come to his region.


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