Draft Results

Draft Figure Maneos Stat array: team rank 3-4
1st Major Arcana Card Judgment You are one of the rare beings who recall something of a prior life. Pick a class that is not your current class. You may choose one additional at-will power for your use from that class. This is in addition to your normal at-will powers.
2nd Major Arcana Card The Hanged Man You are devoted to an organization or a cause (e.g., a bandit gang, a particular king, a grove of driuds). This cause frequently makes demands on your time and sometimes wealth. However, you also have friends who will aid you in need, providing a companion periodically, loaning a magic item, or providing other material assistance.
1st Court Card Page of Cups You have an heirloom magic toy. See notes.
2nd Court Card Page of Swords One of your parents or other close relative is a senior member of a small community, such as the village head-man, high priestess of a spirit's grove, etc
1st Minor Card 8 of Wands Your youth was spent in a place with many disruptions at night and you learned to get by on reduced sleep. You may reduce the time required for night time rest by 2 hours.
2nd Minor Cart 7 of Pentacles 250GP Zircon
Figure Bonus You can scribe runes onto any cape, magic or mundane- The arcane runes on her cape give her access to the 5th level Cleric Daily Power Rune of Peace - Strength vs. Will. Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage, and the target cannot attack (save ends). Miss: still can't attack.


Shura was born as Marsali in the village of Baran in the domain of the spirit Risteard to Onora, the mayor of the village and officially, the representative of Trionesse authority (Page of Swords). It is a mixed village of elves and humans with a few others in the mix. For a time, Shura worked in the Golden Hare, one of the two inns in the village where she met a lot of strangers and learned much of the outer world. She also tended to stay up late and get up early for her duties and learned to get by on little sleep (8 of Wands). Her mother did not approve of her wild life in the tavern but allowed her daughter some latitude.

As she left her teens, Shura began to experience vivid dreams of places far different than Baran. In time, she came to believe that she remembered a prior life as a fighter. Recollection of a prior life was was extremely rare but not unheard of. She found she could actually perform some of the magic from that earlier life (Judgment). One of these powers was the ability to scribe magic runes of protection into her garments (Figure Bonus). This new found power and memories of a wider world spurred her to leave Baran with a troop of Vara adventurers. She returned after only a single season a little wiser in the ways of the world having realized she was brought along for diversion and not adventure.

Returned home, she found the tavern life no longer satisfying. She still wanted to travel in the larger world but needed training to be able to protect herself. Knowing of the Seoshama village of Somerlane close by and also in Risteard’s domain, she traveled there. She had grown up knowing members of that group, knew them to train people to travel in the lands and was aware of their doctrines but had given them little thought. She found the people their intriguing and decided to join more for the instruction they offered than their doctrine but in time has come to appreciate it although she is not a fervent proponent of Seoshama.

Her mother Onora was greatly pleased by this more sensible turn to her life from her partying ways and when she joined the order gave her daughter a prized family heirloom, an ancient magic collar that she can command to take nearly any simple form from a gold necklace to a colored, silk shawl (Page of Cups). At Somerlane, she showed interest in the arts of the warden but proved too weak to effectively perform that role though she would not abandon that path. The spirit Risteard, however, admired her determination and taught her techniques that grant her greater physical strength than her body would otherwise possess (no card, but justifies the starting strength of 18).

Her master at Somerlane was a Goliath warden name Karnes. She took the name Shura at this time, a Goliath word for defender. Karnes taught the art of warden as he knew it, the way of stone and mountain but Shura has taken some of her Ever-folk ways and pursued a somewhat different path of a life warden although she still acquired some of his mountain skills.

The Seoshama prefer for their adherents to travel in the world at times, gathering lore and spreading their doctrine before returning to Somerlane to share their adventures. Shura has decided to venture out on her second voyage into the world, this time with the abilities to allow her to make her own way and not be taken advantage of by others. As a parting gift, her mother gave her a zircon (7 of pentacles) which she used to acquire a set of simple enchanted hide armor. The Seoshama helped her with the armor and also gave her a sword suitable for a defender, a foe maker longsword (Hanged Man).

She is expected to return regularly to Somerlane.


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