Varrina is an ill-tempered spirit centered north of Ophio and northeast of Omanil. She is ancient, dating back to pre-Imperial times.


As a spirit of wind, she roams far over the land but conversely, she is not so finely attuned to her domain as other spirits with more compact domains. She generally does not manifest in a visible form, passing instead as a gust of wind. Though she can soar high above, she typically moves close to the ground and her passage can be spotted by the keen in eye by watching for gusts of wind that move the vegetation persistently and sometimes against the general flow of the wind.

Varrina likes to listen to conversations but as she cannot remain still while in wind form, it is sometimes possible to detect her presence as a swirling wind around two people trying to speak.

She also manifests as an elvish maiden in flowing, wind-swept garments. The farther she is from the center of her domain, however, the less substantial is this maiden form.

In wind-form, her speech is thin and faint, difficult to understand and even hear. In maiden form, she can speak clearly.

Domain Center and Worship

Here domain center (labeled on the map) is a collection of wind sculpted rocks on a low hill that cover about four acres.

She has few channelers (priests) but those that travel in her lands must honor her by burning incense and shouting a request to pass into the air. Those who fail to do this can expect Varrina to thwart their passage.


She is capricious and cruel at times, especially when not properly propitiated by people traveling in her domains. She has been known to lead people astray by strange, eerie calls on the wind. If angered, she might even lead a traveler to one of the lairs of dark creatures who live in her domain.


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