User Notes

Please feel free to:

  • Correct errors, especially spelling or grammar. However, realize that many of the large tables are actually done in excel so any changes you make to the wiki source for a table may be overwritten later
  • Add tags to a page
  • Add a table of contents to a page (edit the page and insert a line with "[[f<toc]]" on it near or at the top of the page)
  • Add a comment module to a page missing one (edit the page and at the bottom add: "[[module comments]]")
  • Create a page for your character under player characters
  • Edit anything you like under your player character page.
  • Add any NPCs of interest to the NPCs page, especially NPCs of interest to your character such as trainers, allies, etc.
  • Use the forums on most pages (at the bottom) or the general forums (link also in left margin) for any topic you like.
  • After the initial campaign concept, we changed from the 3.5 to 4E rules. If you find any thing that seems to refer to 3.5 rules, please post a comment on that page.

Please do not:

  • Add or remove any links from the top:nav page that defines the top menu (feel free to correct typos you find in the menu, however)
  • Delete pages
  • Remove tags
  • Materially change the content of anything other than your character page

Finding Your Way Around

  • The top menus provide topical organization of the site.
  • The "bread crumbs" at the top of the page show the main path to the page. You can navigate up this list simply by clicking on any of the links in the list.
  • The Site Map (also found under Other in the top menu) lists all pages by parent-child relationship.
  • The search function in the page header should find any page with the requested text but note that the search database seems to update only daily or so.
  • Page Tags, also available in the panel to the left, let you navigate by tags assigned to a page. Any user can assign a tag to a page (feel free to do so) by using the Tags link at the page bottom. The more pages a tag references, the larger the tag is displayed in the tag "cloud".
  • You can also google the site: google " <words of interest>". Of course, it takes days or more before google indexes anything on this site. Also, any word that is found in the top navigation menus will be found on every page in the affliction site so google will not be useful for searching for words in these menus.


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