Notable Trionesse Npcs
Name Affliation Notes
Ciarda Queen of the Trionesse Elves See Trionesse for more details
Morven Son of Elvish King Coyle Passed over for the Trionesse throne. Present count of the elvish tower Girvyn.
Grainne Trionesse Countess of Raonaid Tower
Allene Trionesse Countess of Airleas Tower
Martainn Trionesse Count of Neasal Tower
Kerwin Trionesse Count of Muthuile Tower
Gunther Overking of the Rimark, King of Skara Young, new king. Third son of King Hastein
Hastein Deceased king of Skara Married to Helga, mother of the current king
Helga Queen-mother of Skara, mother of Gunther
Haki First son of King Hastein of Skara Voluntary exile from Skara
Narfi Second son of King Hastein of Skara Voluntary exile from Skara
Frode Skara Earl, uncle to Gunther, brother of Helga Gunther's primary advisor, at present
Hafgrim King of Narsaaq, nephew of Gunther Born 5985 and still a child
Sigyn Queen-regent of Narsaaq Daughter of Hastein, regent of Narsaaq while son is a minor.
Sippora Queen of Iarlakolm
Armod King of Kilasta Armod, is a cruel, scarred warrior intent on holding on to his realm at all cost.
Sif Hero of Lafoten The warrior who slew the dragon that burned Lafoten (5963). She is old and past her fighting days but still lives in Lafoten. She served as a time of Queen of Lafoten before stepping aside in 5978.
Kolfinna Queen of Hvalsey Young, unmarried and queen of a rich chiefdom, which makes her marriage prospects the talk of the land.
Varac King of Lafoten
Zvakar King of Wilska Made his fortune adventuring in distant lands; returned to claim the Wilska throne. Has grown fat and cruel. The bards sing unfavorable songs about him.
Rikar King of Vendel
Maeve Queen of Braaton A wizard with a sinister reputation.
Skorri King of Mammen
Trond Son of King Skorri of Mammen Noted adventurer. Has a griffin steed
Darrick King of Eketor spirit-touched, like all Eketor rulers
Hydera Queen of Nasi half-spirit, very old
Tutareanasta Dragonlord of Tanabra Dragonkin female
Ilastrea Archdruid of the tower Ophio Very powerful, very reclusive
Lars Leader of the Golden Sword Adventuring company in Vara


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