Trionesse Almanac

The Trionesse (Ruined Forest) Regions lies nearly 1000 miles from the world center, near the north-south axis (72 degrees from due east in a counter-clockwise direction). This makes it seasons very similar to the ones shown for 1000 miles, due north on the locations page in the World Almanac but this page gives the precise temperature, season tables, etc. for the campaign location.

Note that temperatures represent a typical high temperature for a given date. Normal weather might cause variations of +/- 20 degrees from that and daily lows are typically 20 degrees lower (less in the winter months, more in the summer months).

Temperature and Sunrise/Sunset


As shown in the graph, temperature at this location varies from a nominal high of about 70 degrees during Tonel and Tonelby to a low -10 during Alance and Alanby. These temperatures correspond to Earth temperatures in southern Scandanavia or lower Canada.

The Year Table lists sunrise, sunset, temperature and tides for the year 5991 at this location. Note that the sunrise, sunset and temperature values are the same in any year; only the tides vary since the tide period is 4 days, 11 hours, 10 minutes.

Arc of the Sun

The horizon plots below show both the horizon from this location (with the Spine mountains looming towards the southeast and another ridge to the northeast). Plots start at the first of the year, Alance 1 and progress the rest of the month every 15 days.

1 15 1 15 1 15
Alance a-alance-1.jpg b-alance-15.jpg Tross c-tross-1.jpg d-tross-15.jpg Marst e-marst-1.jpg f-marst-15.jpg
Tonel g-tonel-1.jpg h-tonel-15.jpg Irince i-irince-1.jpg j-irince-15.jpg Chana k-chana-1.jpg l-chana-15.jpg
Alanby m-alanby-1.jpg n-alanby-15.jpg Trossby o-trossby-1.jpg p-trossby-15.jpg Marssby q-marssby-1.jpg r-marssby-15.jpg
Tonelby s-tonelby-1.jpg t-tonelby-15.jpg Irinby u-irinby-1.jpg v-irinby-15.jpg Chanby w-chanby-1.jpg x-chanby-15.jpg

At first glance, the second half of the year appears exactly like the first but keep in mind that during the second half the sun is preceeding in the opposite direction during the day and instead of being large in the morning is large in the afternoon.

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