What Must Be Trained

This campaign does require character training to advance in level but to avoid some of the awkward effects of the quantum nature of the 4E rules, training will be proactive. Essentially, as long as you have received training from a trainer since your last level, you can immediately apply your full level effects when you achieve your level. If you have not received training, then the character receives all benefits of the new level EXCEPT for new feats and new powers.

While it would be nice for roleplaying purposes to identify what you trained for (i.e., which specific feats and powers), it is not necessary. You can select them at the time you level.


A trainer must be at least 3 levels higher than you to train you.

Cost of training is negotiable and may vary considerably from none for a trainer who is a family member to a gift and cost of materials for a good friend to a fee of 200 to 500 GP per level for a cold hearted stranger.


Training will typically take one week but this may be adjusted for circumstances such as:

  • Learning without a mentor (see below for details.
  • Trainer cannot devote full time to the pupil due to other pupils, duties, etc.
  • Not all materials and training supplies present

Special Cases

The special cases are discussed briefly here and in more detail on Training Special Cases page.

Leveling without a trainer

A trainer may not be available. In such cases, the character can try to learn new class features on their own, although this is difficult. The rules for this are discuused here.


Julianna is level 2 and early in level 2 went to Tanabra to receive sorcerer training. At that time, she gained no benefits but when she has the XP for level 3, she can immediately gain powers, feats, and skills appropriate for level 3. In effect, she prepared herself for level 3 ahead of time.

Aella is also level 3 but she has not had any training since level one. When she achieves level 4, she only gains hit points and other automatic features such as the level modifier to AC, skills, defenses, etc. She does not gain feats, skills or powers until she trains.

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