The Player Characters

Each player has two PCs. Each PC has its own wiki page where you can record its history and any other relevant items. Feel free to edit your PC pages as you see fit. There is a comment section at the bottom where you can discuss aspects of your character (such as the history as you work it up) or you can do it by email as you wish.

Player Character Name PC Link (by draft figure name) Literate?1
Steve Bael Bael Yes
Coop Falconer-Thane Falconer No
Marc Aella Nightwing Dream Warrior No
Chris Oskari Kyrus No
Jim Avari Succubus Yes
Steve Kurujai Kurujai Yes
Jim Gwenrydd Gwenrydd Yes
Marc Shura Maneos Yes
Chris Kier Beast Master No
Coop Julianna Tempest No
Marc Virae Marika Yes

Post Campaign Start Changes

Based on the first session, Coop wants to try something other than Thane and the Asadar (his second pick). So, Marc has given him Tempest out of his hand. Tempest will be a sorcerer, of the close blast variety which will give the party some much needed aoe attacks. Coop had been the defender in the second party so in order to leave us with two defenders, Marc is taking Maneos from Chris and will play her as a warden. Finally, the switch to warden left Marc with a major tarot card of no use to Maneos in her new role so Jim and Marc switched the Hanged Man and the Star cards.

Additional changes may arise as folks are interested.

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