The Gods

This page provides information on some of the better known gods. The table below lists their commonly known characteristics but all the gods are adept at disguise and can be found in many forms. Typically, their interests are also more broad than mortals give them credit for.

Almost without exception, the gods do not have long term mates. Few beings, mortal or immortal can remain with the same person for millenia. Instead, they seek companionship sometimes from mortals who may not even know their true nature, most often from their followers who have joined them in the afterlife and occasionally from other gods.

Name Gender Physical Description Moniker Notes Afterlife
Skallagrim M Travel-worn old man. One eyed. Often in a cloak with a large, brimmed hat. The All-Father Skallagrim is the leader of the gods, a place he attained through his ruthlessness and guile. He likes to travel mortal lands in disguise. Skallagrim takes very few souls, seeking those warriors with the wit to use more than the sword to see their end.
Lor M Various, master of disguise. Master of Knowledge Lor is Skallagrim's right hand man although tales have them frequently at odds. With guile to match Skallagrim but more ambivalent, friend of mortals as much as of the gods. Travels frequently in mortal lands. Takes a few souls from time to time who share his love of knowledge.
Ragim M Tall, muscular. Favors light armor, axes and hammers. Battlelord Ragim is a true friend to his allies and a fierce foe to his enemies. He loves both battle and the feast. He is not known for subtley. Ragim takes the souls of valiant warriors. Tales claim he seeks only those who die on the battlefield but he realizes that some successful warriors may die off it. He sends his valkerie to claim these souls.
Thrude F Wild-haired, often clad in bark and leaves Mistress of the wild A frequent visitor to the natural places of the world. Thrude takes a few souls who honor nature, often channelers.
Svanhild F Warrior with flowing silver hair in silver mail riding a white steed or flying horse White Death War goddess who likes battle almost as much as Ragim. Svanhild seeks the souls of valiant female warriors.
Tora F A stern, dark haired woman who often poses as a channeler. Guile A goddess who likes to visit the more civilized parts of the world. Her interests tend more to the ordered arts and knowledge. Tora seeks the souls of artists and sages.
Valda F Slight elven woman with golden hair, favoring green gowns. The Crafty One Mistress of social affairs, she can read a person's inner thoughts in their look. Tales often have her arranging mortal affairs of alliance and marriage. Associated long term with Alfgeir. Valda rarely takes souls. When she does, she takes clever persons of nearly any profession or calling except for warriors.
Aricin M Jolly, short, chubby bard. Bard of the Gods God who likes to travel and share tales. He often travels as a bard. Aricin seeks only the best bards.
Alfgeir M Elf warrior in shining gold mail. Gold-sword Associated with war and strategem. Associated long term with Valda. Alfgeir seeks out the souls of valient warrior-elves and successful human generals.
Havelon M Gray eyes, weather beaten human. The Sea Traveller Havelon is a being of the sea. Rarely found in the home of the gods and nearly always either at sea or a dwelling at the coast. He takes the souls of those who love the sea and certan sentient sea creatures.


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