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Use of Tarot Cards

This section covers use of Tarot cards for item durability, not for fortune telling or other purposes.

The minor cards all have the same affect with the suit determining which item the effect applies to. The major cards have a mix of positive and negative effects but always apply to the characters' most valuable item in use.

Each round, one player will receive a tarot card that might affect one of their magic items. See Item Damage for what these effects mean and how to repair items.

Minor Arcana

The minor arcana cause damage, malfunction or with the ace, breakage of an item. The item is determined by the suit of the minor arcana card per the table below. If a character is using more than one magic item of the suit-type, then roll determine which item is affected. If the character is not using an item of the type in the first column, proceed to the following columns until finding an item type that is equipped.

The item must be in use for a card to affect it. A sheathed sword will not be affected. An amulet providing enhanced defense that is around the neck can be affected.

Minor Arcana Item Type
Wands Ranged weapons, focus items Armor/Clothing Weapon Miscellaneous
Cups Armor / Clothing Weapon Miscellaneous Ranged weapons, focus items
Swords Weapon Miscellaneous Ranged weapons, focus items Armor / Clothing
Pentacles Miscellaneous Ranged weapons, focus items Armor / Clothing Weapon

The rank of the minor card determines whether it is damaged, malfunctions, is broken or suffers no ill effect.

Minor Arcana Effect
2 2 points of damage
3 3 points of damage
4 4 points of damage
5 5 points of damage
6-10 No effect
Page 1 round malfunction
Knight 2 round malfunction
Queen 3 round malfunction
King 4 round malfunction
Ace Item broken

A malfunctioning item can still be used but all magic effects are negated for the stated duration. For instance, a malfunctioning +3 sword is simply a masterwork sword. If used while malfunctioning, it can still be affected by additional tarot cards. Additional malfuntioning effects are appended to the current effect.

Major Arcana

The major arcana may affect an item in a positive or negative manner, or may have a more general affect. If it affects an item, it affects the highest valued item currently in use. These effects are inspired by traditional tarot card meanings, usually the reversed card meaning for a negative effect.

Rank Major Arcana Effect Notes
0 The Fool Save the card and use it to negate a tarot card later in this battle. The Fool stands for fresh hope.
I The Magician Arcane spells cast at one level higher for rest of battle.
II The High Priestess Divine spells cast at one level higher for rest of battle.
III The Empress Cost to repair item doubles. Item contains flaws that make repair difficult. This is permanent and effects can stack (3x for next, 4x… etc)
IV The Emperor Item reveals a weakness. Example: a magic sword does -1 damage. Referee will determine specific effect (minus to damane, to-hit, or other effects). This is a permanent effect.
V The Hierophant Your item reveals a piece of information of value to you in the current situation. Example: it might reveal the creature you are fighting was sent to distract you from an attack from the rear, or that he would let you pass for 10 gold pieces, etc.
VI The Lovers The last effect of this device appeared to work but did not. Referee will determine this effect, if any. A magic sword's last hit might be ignored, or a cure effect removed.
VII The Chariot -1 penalty all on die rolls for one round
VIII Strength Weapon and spell effects empowered, double damage dice for one round. Effects only a melee or missile weapon, not wands or other magic items.
IX The Hermit Your item causes all friendly spells cast by ALLIED casters to stop working for 3 rounds. It prevents any new friendly spells by allied casters in this period. This applies only to the person who drew the card. Your own spells continue to work and you can cast spells on yourself. Harmful spells still affect you as well.
X Wheel of Fortune Roll a d6: draw from the deck until you have two major arcana, select the one you want to take affect and discard the other arcana and any minor arcana you drew (with no effect from the discarded cards) 1: pick d4+1 more tarot cards and apply all effects. 2: all die rolls modified by d6-4 for 3 rounds 3: gain d20-10 health (temporary HP if greater than zero) 4: damage all your magic items for d6-3 points (negative damage restores) 5: damage surge: modify any damage and spell effects (duration, area, range, etc) by d100-50% for 3 rounds. 6: draw from the deck until you have 2 major arcana cards. Select one of the two major arcana and discard the other cards. You are affected by the selected card.
XI Justice Item interferes with your actions and causes you to delay to end of round AND you have only a partial action
XII The Hanged Man Rebirth: ignore any ONE effect that would kill you for the next 3 rounds.
XIII Death Item irrevocably destroyed Item immediately fails
XIV Temperance All magic items except your most powerful item cease to function for 3 rounds.
XV The Devil The power of the item summons a demonic force that attacks you. Referee will select a force or creature appropriate to the item.
XVI The Tower Item irrevocably damaged Item develops a tiny flaw such as a crack or chip which will progress with further damage and prevents repair of current and any future damage. Once damaged to the point it is broken, it is irretrievably broken.
XVII The Star Gain +2 on a die roll of your choice in this combat.
XVIII The Moon Cloaked in shadows for rest of battle. +10 on hide effects, 20% concelament.
XIX The Sun Bathed in light twice as bright as sunlight for rest of battle, 60'R.
XX Judgement Overload: roll for irrevocable destruction on all items. Chance of destruction for each is a function of the total number of items and is 5% per magic item on the character. This affects all items regardless of whether they are in use.
XXI The World One item of your choice is made whole. All durability damage is repaired and all negative effects caused by tarot cards removed.
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