Suggested Reading

There is a lot of information on the site and players are not expected to read most of it. Players are, however, free to read anything you like and make use of it in-game.

The table below provides suggested pages for players based on their character's class and race.

Audience Pages
All site members User Notes
All players World Overview, Gods and Spirits, Campaign Region Overview, Character Overview, Notes on the time system, The Draft, Trionesse Area Races
Humans Human Customs, Human Laws, Human Controlled Areas in the campaign area, Human Version of World History
Elves Trionesse: the elvish forest, Elvish Law, Elvish Version of World History
All casters Focus Items for Casters
Channelers (Priest in 3.5, any class with channeled powers in 4E) Channelers, Guide to Spirits
Bards Bards Also, as keepers of knowledge, they should read as much as possible, especially: Elvish Version of World History, Human Version of World History, General Notes on Ruins in the World, The Almanac, Trionesse Landmarks, Trionesse Imperial Ruins, Bardic Sagas


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