Draft Results

Draft Figure Succubus
1st Major Arcana Card The Fool You challenged an important person and lost (choose a challenge appropriate to the character). You are banished from his presence and had to flee with little to show for it. You start with 25% of normal starting wealth (exclusive of other card effects). This seering experience gave you a +2 wisdom bonus.
2nd Major Arcana Card Judgment You are one of the rare beings who recall something of a prior life. Pick a class that is not your current class. You may choose one additional at-will power for your use from that class. This is in addition to your normal at-will powers.
1st Court Card Page of Swords One of your parents or other close relative is a senior member of a small community, such as the village head-man, high priestess of a spirit's grove, etc
2nd Court Card Ace of Wands Level 3 wondrous item
1st Minor Card 10 of Pentacles 2x 1000 GP sapphire
2nd Minor Cart 3 of Pentacles 50GP Amethyst


Avari is an elf-tiefling … she was born in the Shattered Forest, the daughter of Shallyn, a high-priestess (Page of Swords) to Arvia one of the Lesser Spirits of the seven trees of Ghleanna (You will note that her mother named Avari after the spirit, simply re-arranging the symbols of the spirits name). She was a devout worshiper and was following in her mother's foot-steps as a priestess-in-training, but as she matured, signs of her tiefling blood began to show. At first it was the hint of horns which she was able to cover up with her hair and she began to wear hats and headdresses that were fairly ornate. Some thought it a bit peculiar, but she was the daughter of a priestess and her eccentricities were ignored; however as she became a woman, she started to sprout wings (Character Ability) and it wasn't long before she could no longer hide the signs of her heritage. Scared of her devilish blood (and appearance), the lords of the forest would not allow her to continue as a priestess. Avari challenged their ruling and after a very public confrontation with the Queen herself (The Fool), she was banished from the Forest. Before she left, her mother gave Avari enough wealth to get her to a safe haven (2 sapphires and an amethyst worth more than 2,000 gold) (3&10 of Pentacles) and a magical lantern to help her find her way (Ace of Wands). She found a small village of shifters near Mithuile in the elvish forest and being outcasts themselves, they gave her shelter. She met several adventurers here, including a shifter paladin named Oskari. Through Oskari, Avari met several holy warriors, one a female shifter named Glenys who had learned the ways of the Avenger. Avari still worships the forest spirit of her mother, but has taken on a vengeful demeanor (she has been trained in the way of the Avenger by Glenys). She means to find her way back to the heart of the forest (by whatever means are necessary) with the hopes of either showing the Queen and the other Elven lords that it was a mistake to banish her or to exact vengeance if they do not see fit to welcome her back into Elven society.


Avari has attuned to two spirits: Arvia (Female elven spirit of Fate) and Varrina (Female spirit of Winds and Storms).
As Avari's tiefling blood began to show, it was clear that her fate was not to live amongst her people. She spent much time at the shrine of Arvia with her mother coming to terms with her fate and attuning with Arvia. Arvia grants those who follow her the Power of Fate - +2 feat bonus to Insight checks. When you use a power associated with this feat against a bloodied enemy, you gain a +1 bonus to the attack roll. She also grants Divine Guidance - This is triggered when an ally within 10 squares of you makes an attack roll against your oath of enmity target and the triggering ally can make a second attack roll and use either result.
While traveling towards the coast, Avari encountered Varrina, a powerful spirit known to not take kindly to those who do not show her the respect she is due. She is ornery and will often sew the seeds of strife amongst her enemies and will empower those who follow her. As such she grants Power of Strife - +2 feat bonus to Bluff checks. When you use a power associated with this feat, you gain a +1 bonus to the damage roll for each enemy within 3 squares of the target. She also grants Varrina's Favor (formerly Kord's Favor) which allows her follower or an ally to spend a healing surge when her follower or the ally scores a critical hit with a melee attack.

Avari's Path

Having only briefly reveled in her greatest conquest to date (the defeat of the Shadow Dragon Queen Sjachkethend), Avari found herself falling deep into a crack in the earth. She tried to fly, but the amount of rubble in the air from the huge explosion kept her from being able to right herself. Resigned to her fate, she thought of her mother and the elves and her mind turned to Arvia (the female elven spirit of Fate that she follows) and she thought of her end. "If this is the way it is to be, so be it, but Arvia, if you can her me, I will make it back to you and I will end this foolish rivalry with the Queen and do all I can to aid my people." At that moment a small man ran up behind the spear wielder, the one who had created the explosion in the first place. He said a few words and Avari noticed a protective shroud of blue light surrounding her; it slowed her fall and as she looked about she saw 6 other similar lights, but the further they fell into the chasm the further they drifted apart. Avari would survive the fall, but her companions were lost. Here in the unending darkness of the chasm, she would be alone.

If ever an item were to prove it's worth … more than any amount of gold, platinum, or the most expensive jewels, it was her magic lantern. Here in the rough and dark terrain of the underworld, her lantern lit the way and helped to keep her alive and even more brought her to freedom and sent her on a path back to her people, resplendent in a new holy light. Determined to find her way out and and maybe one of her companions, she set off in the direction of the last of the blue orbs she could see; the available paths in the underworld did not always send her in the direction of choice. For nearly a year (as best should could reckon), she did not encounter another living soul. The underworld was a harsh and terrible place; there was little to eat and what there was turned her stomach. In the dark, it was hard to remember if she was still heading in the right direction … it seemed so long ago that she'd seen the last remnants of a blue orb.

While she walked, she continued to think of Arvia and the pledge she had made as she fell. Would she ever get out of this place and be able to live up to her promise? It was hard to keep her mind clear, but every day she rehearsed the teachings of her mother and of Glenys. On a day just like the other hundreds she'd spent in this dark waste, she was convinced she could her the slightest of footfalls. This was no brute … this was someone being very careful … or an elf … could it be? Her perceptions proved true. It was an elf; a lone traveler. She wore the garb of a priest, but wings of golden feathers raised from back. Her name was Sylvianna and she had been traveling these paths for years aiding those in need. She spoke of a Dwaro city, Lurumesh and mentioned encountering several outsiders who told a similar story about the Shadow Dragon Queen and the blue orbs. Avari spent months with Sylvianna … hearing the voice of another in this dark place, much less an elven angel, cleared her mind and changed her outlook on life and confirmed her promise to Ariva. As they traveled to Lurumesh to seek out her companions, she learned much from Sylvianna (both the ways of the cleric Multiclass Cleric Feat Initiate of the Faith) and how to cast rituals (Feat Ritual Caster). It also became clear that the same inner spark that drove Sylvianna, was alive in Avari as well. She had shown signs of this at much younger age than most, but it was her pride that caused a corrupted version to manifest itself. She was no tiefling … she was an elf who displayed the favor of her god … her wings were the manifestation of this spark. As she traveled and learned from Sylvianna, her wings slowly transformed from the devilish, leathery wings of her conceit into golden, feathery wings that symbolized her rebirth and her dedication to her new path, A Favored Soul of her god and servant of her people.

When they reached to outskirts of Lurumesh, it's golden light shining like a thousand suns in the vast darkness, it was time for Avari and Sylvianna to part ways. For the first year of her journeys underground, her magic lantern had lit the way … for most of the next year, it was Sylvianna who lit the way and showed Avari her new path. As they parted, it seemed only fitting that Avari give Sylvianna her lantern … she would no longer need the magic light to find her way.

Avari met up with a few of her companions in Lurumesh and spent several years traveling with them towards the surface, but that is a tale for another day.

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