Spell Components

Spell components will be strictly enforced in this campaign. Characters need to make sure they have spell focuses and spell components as needed. For an extra 20% cost, clothing can be purchased that has 8-12 component pouches that allow for component access as a free action. Accessing components not in a ready access pouch is a standard action. Pouch capacity is 2 ounces.

Some spells have altered components. Please consult the Spell Component List for these spells. Note that the list only lists spells likely to be seen by the players. More will be added as levels increase.

Spell components must be fresh and, in most cases, dry. Typically items from a living creature will last a day or so; items from a plant a 2-3 days. Spells like gentle repose can preserve components for longer.

Spell components that are in quick-access component pouches will typically be spoiled if the character submerges in water or is soaked by rain and the component can be affected by water.

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