Spell Component List

Remember that spell components are consumed by a spell. Focus items are needed to cast the spell but are not consumed.

Level Spell Components Focus Notes
1 Detect Secret Doors Small scroll scribed with magic names
1 Enlarge Person A pinch of fresh seed germs
1 Entangle A one inch length of fresh vine
1 Jump Fresh grasshopper's leg
1 Web Fresh spider's web
2 Blur Small glass lens, misformed
2 Hold Person Small onyx carved in shape of a person
2 Invisibility Small rock crystal carved in shape of a person
2 Knock Small gold key
2 Levitate Hollow metal ball, sealed when hot
2 See Invisibility Gold coated glass lens
2 Spider Climb Fresh spider leg
3 Fly Silver tail feather from a silver sky hawk. Typically no more than 5 per bird
3 Invisibility Sphere Five small rock crystal carved in shape of a person, bound with gold wire.
3 Water Breathing Fresh fish gills
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