Secondary Characters

Given some of the character shuffling we have had, the secondary characters rules are broadened to give us more flexibility. If a player is going with their first and second choices from the draft, then there is no change. For players that want more options:

  • Players can play any character in their hand
  • Players can swap characters from their hands as long as the character has not yet been played. When swapped, the character takes its arena order with it unless the players agree to swap arena order as well.
  • For all of a player's characters, they have to use one of their two tarot card sets from the draft. Their first and second characters must use a different tarot card set but after that, characters can use whichever tarot card set they prefer.
  • Players can trade tarot cards with other players as long as the cards traded have not yet been used for a character.

For players who join after the draft, three tarot card hands will be dealt, the player can swap cards between hands as they see fit as long as the rank groups are maintained (e.g., you can only swap a major for a major, a minor for minor, etc.). The player then selects two of the hands and discards the third one.

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