Ruins dot the landscape of the world. Most are the minor remains of towns and villages destroyed during the Cataclysm or in the intermediate aftermath of war and famine. The more substantial ones tend to fall into two categories: Imperial ruins from the Algarond Empire (3087-5191) and Dwaro ruins which can be as old as the Dwaro Imperial Age (1243-2391) or as late as the end of the Algarond Empire.


Imperial Ruins tend to be ruined fortresses, palaces and other examples of Imperial might. Under-ground works tend to be best preserved but unlike Dwaro ruins, these under works are generally supplemental to the main works whose primary purposes are typically storage and interconnect. There are exceptions, of course, especially for ruins of Academy of magic structures.

Dwaro Ruins

The Dwaro ruins span the Imperial age all the way back to the fall of the titan so they can be almost 6000 years old. The Dwaro live almost entirely underground and therefore their ruins encompass everything from dwellings to palaces, fortresses, workshops, treasuries and more.

Noted for their magic works, the ruins are often remarkably preserved thanks to magic strengthening of the ceilings and water proofing. So too, they are often thick with traps that reset and other perils. But the vast material and magic wealth of the DWaro keep people exploring these ruins to this day.

Very deep Dwaro ruins exist in the heart of the Spine Mountains, often 10s of miles below ground. The very deepest delvings extended over 100 miles below ground at the end of the Dwaro Imperial Age but these delvings are haunted by dark creatures.

The Cataclysm weakened all magic, including the magic the Dwaro used to hold up their vast halls. Therefore many of collapse 800 years ago when that magic failed.

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