Humans Lands in Trionesse Region

The two primary human regions in this area are the Rimark in the northeast and Jaggerland in the west with some additional scattered settlements along the southern fringe of Trionesse. The Ruined Forest Map shows only the principle human settlements, each of which claims a king or queen. There are many smaller settlements around the walled towns not shown on the map.


The human rulers of all the fortified human settlements in Trionesse style themselves as kings. These "kings" are quite petty with little in the way of real military strength or resources. Even the King of Skara, overord of the Rimark has limited power. These kings maintain a hall, generally the finest buildings in the human lands but there is little fine architecture in these blighted lands to compare to it. Kings also have a core of armed followers whom he supports and who do nothing but practice the military arts, a well as drink the kings mead, eat his food and whore in the hall when they aren't engaging in petty banditry against their lord's enemies.

The Rimark

Rimark is a more tightly held collection of chiefdoms than is usual for the Tolan coast. Over the last 75 years, the Skara kings have extended their dominion over the other Rimark chiefdoms who know all acknowledge the Rimark king as over-king. Naturally, this feat took considerable conflict but the Rimark kings have also been clever about utilizing foster links and marriage. This state of affairs is nearing the point where it will either become permanent with Skara the nucleous of an expanding Kingdom or it will fall apart under the various demands of the underkings.

The Rimark Settlements


Unlike the Rimark, Jaggerland has no acknowledged overlord. This region has multiple lords and ever shifting alliances. The towns of Jaggerland do share some festivals and tend to intermarry within the five kingdoms (Wilska, Hvalsey, Vendel, Braaton and Mammen). They also occasionally suspend their squabbles to combine to face a common external enemy.

The Jaggerland Settlements


Other Trionesse Human Settlements


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