Risteard is an ancient earth spirit in the high hills in the middle of The Bore, southeast of Hedeby. He is a kindly spirit that welcomes visitors of which he has many, as his domain lies on the main east-west route through the area (the imperial road is too dangerous to take through The Bore as it traverses too much tidal land there).

As his domains make a convenient way point, he allows a small village called Baran on the route with several fine inns and stables, a notable stop on the journey. The buildings here are all well formed of natural stone, created by the spirit for the people who live here. Baran is one of the more eclectic villages in the area with as many elves as humans and a smattering of other races.

Risteard is sympathetic to the Seoshama and provides a second village, Somerlane, off the main path for their adherents as well as support. Both villages are prosperous with travelers an obvious source of wealth but legend has it that he provides gold and other wealth from the earth as necessary to support these villages.

These lands are nominally in the control of Trionesse. Risteard respects the elves and acknowledges their overlordship but as he is distant from Ghleanna and in the middle of tidal lands, he is the true lord of the villages and mountains around his domain.


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