Human Rimark Settlements


Over the last 50 years, Skara has claimed over-lordship over all the Rimark region.

Skara is the only inhabited stone-walled town in all of the Ruined Forest region; all other towns have no walls or wooden palisades. The wall is an intentional symbol of the power and over-lordship of the Skara kings over the Rimark region, made possible by tribute (and a few lucky treasure hordes). Constructed 50 years ago, the wall is in decent maintenance but not regularly constructed or with a good eye to defensive use to towers and gateways; that is, it is better than the wooden walls common in the area but does not represent a great leap beyond what the other kings have. Nonetheless, in this age of tiny warbands and little siegecraft, it is a substantial barrier.

The town holds about 1200 people, mostly craftsmen and some free farmers. The lords hall occupies a small hill within the wall overlooking the river. There is some farm land in the immediate region of the town along the river floodplain and more in the wooded hill land east of the town but most of the region is blighted and only suitable for sparse cattle grazing.

King Gunther came to the throne in 5990 (recently) at the age of 18 with the death of his father King Hastein who ruled for 35 years. Hastein only fathered three legitimate sons, two from earlier wives, and Gunther from his last queen, the stll living and strong willed Queen-Mother Helga. The two other sons, Haki and Narfi, left Skara some years ago and have been little heard from. Earl Frode Gunther's uncle on his mother's side serves as Gnuther's closest advisor.


Narsaaq only acknowledged Skara overlordship in 5980 during King Hastein's rule after Hastein burned the Narsaaq hall during a winter feast with much of the King's family within. Hastein then married his daughter Sigyn to the now widowed King Thorkel of Narsaaq. Thorkel died in 5985 after begetting a son and daughter on Sigyn. The son Hafgrim is recognized as King under the regency of Sigyn.

Narsaaq is well situated with a small but fertile unblighted farm and woodland at its north and fertile tidal plains near by that provide abundant fish. The town itself has a wooden pallisade and a typical lord's hall.


While part of the Rimark, a region often at odds with Trionesse, Iarlakolm has a long tradition of ties to the elves going back to a semi-legendary couple, Moibeal and Hrodgeir, who founded the present (very extended) line of Iarlakolm royalty who still have a touch of elvish blood. Iarlakolm maintains cordial relations with Trionesse and often serves as the elvish advocate in human affairs. The elves have rarely overtly aided Iarlakolm but often provide covert assistance of information, potions, training for channelers and warriors, and some elvish weapons.

Iarlakolm is a well defended hill fort, protected by three earthen and wooden ramparts. It is fairly wealthy with rich upland farms and pastures. The hill fort is large enough to hold most of the herds and all the people of the Iarlakolm region.

Iarlakolm spars with its neighboring human lands but also has to deal with creatures that come from the spine mountains and the Dwaro ruins beneath.

The Iarlakolm royal house married into the Skara royal line some generations ago. Iarlakolm acknowledges Skara as Over-King but retains much of its independence.

The current ruler is Queen Sippora.


Kilasta was founded 100 years ago as an output by Skara in elvish lands on a small but rich strip of ancient Trionesse forest untouched by the inundations. It started as a small wooden fort on top of a bleak, rock outcrop. It has been modestly extended by an earthen rampart and wooden wall. A deep well was carved into the rock outcrop to provide water in times of siege.

While the surrounding lands are rich, the elves still harry the people of Kilasta, stealing livestock, sending forest creatures against them and sometimes cursing their plants so that the community struggles and would fail without the aid of Skara.

The current king, Armod, is a cruel, scarred warrior intent on holding on to his realm at all cost.


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