Restricted Magic

Due to the nature of the world or for other campaign reasons, some magic listed in the standard D&D 3.5 books is not available or does not function as per the spell description.

Life Restoration and other Soul Affecting Spells

On Mithlond, souls do not linger long in a state that allows them to be returned to their body. There are three main paths a soul may take, each allows for different spell affects and time periods. Details of spells affecting the dead

Magic Item Creation

Only the Dwaro had the arts necessary to create magic items of +3 and higher. The commonly available enchant magic item, forge weapon, forge weapon and related rituals only allow creation of +1 and +2 equivalent items. Dwaro rituals for higher level items are rare and highly prized. These Dwaro rituals generally allow creation of classes of related items, not just a single item.


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