Resuming at Paragon Tier

We will be resuming from our game break at the Paragon Tier of play. We had previously discussed skipping ahead to Paragon and Epic tiers at the appropriate point. The game break since Christmas seems to be a good time to do so. For where to start see:

  1. In Pursuit of Shadow Dragons for summary of what transpired since last session.
  2. Underworld Lore for what your characters have learned since last session.
  3. Paragon Leveling for how to bring your PCs to the current level.
  4. The rules for Dwaro-crafted Items have changed. Items take less damage. There is also a Tempering Ritual that exists that can protect an item from damage.

NOTE: for the time being, we will be playing only one character each and the referee's characters will not be in play. I will add one companion to the group to round out roles in case you are short a tank or healer. If you are short both, then you will just have to make do without one of those roles in the party. Remember, companions are not full characters so they are easier to run but not as potent as a PC. Please send me the character you plan to play so I can figure out what companion if any to create.

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