Paragon Leveling

All characters are now level 12. This is 2 levels into the paragon tier and should give you a nice boost in power as well as the first couple powers into your paragon path. You get all the normal feats, powers, and paragon path options for leveling up from current level to 12. The character builder should handle this fine although since we are above the standard stat values, you may need to manually add in your level up stat points.

It is up to you, but I would suggest only leveling your main character at this time. It will be faster and save you the trouble of juggling multiple toons. You can completely rebuild your character if you like.

Magic Items

You received lots of loot while in the underworld but you have traded much of it, disenchanted other items and worn out still others. You can choose any one option below for your characters to represent your present items. You can choose to have items you received from the Amaranthine Rose BUT they count as an item from the table below otherwise the Amaranthine Rose item was lost, damaged, sold, destroyed somewhere along the line. That is, the Amaranthine Rose items are not in addition to your items. This also applies to any other magic items you may have had at the less session, Dwaro crafted or not, including one-shot items. Life is hard in the underworld. You have had to barter and expend your items to survive.

Option Gold / Jewels Residuum # Items < level 10 Level 11-13 Items Level 14-15 Items Level 16-18 Items Level 19-21 Items
1 80,000 0 3 4 1
2 20,000 40,000 4 1
3 40,000 0 3 3 2
4 10,000 20,000 3 2
5 40,000 0 2 2 1
6 10,000 20,000 2 1
7 10,000 0 1 1 1
8 5,000 5,000 1 1

The assumption in the above chart is that you have either been disenchanting your low level magic for residuum or have kept our low level magic and have no residuum. You can assume all your items are tempered or created after the Cataclysm and therefore not subject to durability loss. Your cash can be in any mix of gold, jewels or other precious metals that you desire. You can turn your gold or jewels into any mix of one-shot items (scrolls, arrows, sharpening stones, potions, rituals etc.) that you desire. If you want to blow it all on a level 30 one-shot, go for it.

For any option above you can always take the item as an equivalent amount of residuum. This could make sense, for instance, if you take option #1 but only want 3 level 10 items. You could then have another 1,000 gp worth of residuum (a level 10 item is worth 5,000 GP and will disenchant into 1,000 gp of residuum.)

You can also convert any magic item into gold or gems; the underworld is rich in such things and you saw incredible treasures on your journeys. Unfortunately, you also had to spend this wealth to survive and most of it went towards good, items, ransoms, and information. For example, you could go for option number 7 and convert the level 21 item into 225,000 GP if you wish.

Tempering Ritual

Any character that can use rituals can be assumed to have both the disenchant magic item ritual (PHB pg. 304) and the Tempering Ritual at no cost. You can assume your companions chipped in to purchase it at some point in your underworld travels.


Underworld Adaptation

In your travels you came across powerful magicians, some of who could alter your very body. You can purchase the following modifications if you have the gold. You can use residuum as currency for the purchase of these modifications.

Modification Cost
Low-light Vision 25,000 GP
Dark-vision 75,000 GP
Dungeoneering Skill 5,000 GP
Dwaro Language 0 GP

Feel free to suggest other possibilities.

Other Changes

Your experience underground has been life changing. You can alter your aligment if you wish. If you really want, you can have had offspring. You might carry scars, new tattoos, your hair may have gone white, etc. Have at it.

Background Bonus

If you add your years spent in the underworld to your character background before the next session then you can have an extra 10,000 GP of residuum if you took options 1 through 6 or 5,000 in the case of options 7 and 8.

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