Overview Of The Ruined Forest

The Ruined Forest of Trionesse lies about 250 miles southeast of the sunken Imperial city of Celebrent. During the Algorand Empire (see World History for details) Trionesse was a lush preserve of the Elves, nominally under the control of the Empire but mostly left to itself.

During the Cataclysm the inundations submerged much of Trionesse. These floods covered the forest with salt leaving only the tallest trees alive, although blighted. In the 800 years since the Cataclysm, some life has returned to the forest but it is thin and stunted. Some of Trionesse lay above the floods and was littled harmed by the tremors but unfortunately for the elves, their heartland and their main city of Ghleanna lay in the flood zone. The city itself perches on giant trees and survived but its trees are weakened and the land around is blighted.

Nonetheless, the elves survived in large numbers and have held on to most of the lands of the former forest except for the northeast portion that the humans call the Rimark. The Trionesse elves blame humans for the Cataclysm and the theft of the Rimark lands has further exacerbated tensions. Humans and elves regularly skirmish. The elves more typically confine themselves to short reprisal or rescue raids (of any captives) while the humans try more for conquest, where they can manage it.

In this region, the Cataclysm decimated the human population, which lay mostly along fertile, coastal farmland and lowland cities. The floods and resulting famines killed over 95% of humans in this land. The survivors turned to military captains for protection. Over time the human society devolved to one centered on small chieftans acknowledging few overlords.

Ruined Forest Map

The Ruined Forest Map shows the present day significant human and elvish settlements.

Lands flooded at the time of the Cataclysm but above present high tide are shown in yellow. The salt from the sea inundations blights the land to this day resulting in sparse, stunted vegetation. Where forest was flooded, some large trees remain from before the Cataclysm but few new trees grow and the stumps and snags of the old forest slowly rot away.

The coast line represents both the original coast line and the mean tide line- the shoreline half way between minimum and maximum tides. The gray land between the coastline and the yellow zone represents land covered by the high tide. The light blue sea represents seabed revealed at low tide.

Tides in this area are plus and minus 120 feet (so from low tide to high tide is 240 feet) on a 4 day, 11 hour and 10 minute period. This averages about 2.2 feet per hour over the full period but is slower near the peaks and faster at the halfway point- about 4 feet an hour at the midway mark. On some of the flatter stretches of coastline, a person cannot out run the tide.

Region highlights

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