Other Ruined Forest Human Settlements
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This page covers settlements not in the Rimark or Jaggerland.


Lafoten has the distinction of being burned to the ground by a dragon within living memory. Dragons and other monsters periodically raid the coast lands from the Spine Mountains. One such dragon, a mid-sized red dragon named Liastees, raided human lands in 5962 and 5963, growing bold enough to attack and raze Lafoten in 5963. It then took up residence in the smoking ruins. The warrior Sif lead a small band that killed the dragon where upon she was named Queen and ruled until 5978. She still resides in Lafoten.

The dragon had collected enough booty that Sif was able to rebuild Lafoten quickly and as it was razed to the ground, on an orderly plan unlike any other town in the land. The lord's hall is one of the finest in the land with space for 100s and a fine, stone hearth.

Lafoten lies in rich lands but has an uneasy relationship with Trionesse, though it claims none of Trionesse's ancient woods. Additionally, it often faces creatures from the wilds of the spine mountains and it lies relatively convenient to a number of Dwaro ruins. For this reason, adventurers frequent the town and many retire here. The town has a number of fine, stone adventurers dwellings, some held in common by adventuring bands and guilds. The countryside has a number of fine manors of retired gentlemen-adventurers.

Varac is the current king.


Eketor lies in the far south east of the region, in lands shaded by the rim mountains and often blasted by cold air from these same mountains. Its people are hardy and independent, as likely to ally with elves or other non-humans as humans. Eketor warriors often seek adventure and employment in other settlements, within the Ruined Forest and beyond, where they are known for their loyalty and for keeping to their own kind.

There is a notable population of non-humans, half-elves and part elves in Eketor and its outlying settlements.

The primary spirit of the Eketor is a water spirit focused on a powerful mountain fed river in Eketor named Dephora. Dephora regularly takes mortal mates and all Eketor rulers must have some trace of Dephora's blood in their veins.

The current ruler of Eketor is Darrick.


Nasi is similar to Eketor in that it has significant non-human populations but not so as much of an elvish influence as Eketor. The Nasi jealously guard their land, bounded by hills. It is modestly rich in game, nuts and fruit but well off in copper, silver and iron deposits. Nasi produce the best steelwork in the Ruined Forest area (the Trionesse elves usually take Nasi steel as their starting point for magic items).

The current ruler of Nasi is Queen Hydera, a half human, half wood spirit of great age.

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