Mithlond Troubleshooting

Be sure to bring up the topology view so you can double check where you put your view point. If you get horizons that are mostly blocked, you are probably near or on a topographical feature.

If your time does not seem to be changing, be sure you are clicking the desired new month, day, hour, etc. You can't just scroll to the desired time, you need to click on it (and it will turn blue).

The horizon window and the topology view will not update the time and location until you do a render.

On daily and yearly world views, you must first create a yearly or daily data set. Unless you want to play around with your own settings for the world view data set, be sure to load the one that came with the release to save time (YearlyData.ydt). There is no need to regenerate it. The one in the .zip is actually a higher resolution than the default settings would give you anway.

On daily and yearly world views, the default is for a linear heat map but you can change it on the "View" menu to log view. Peak energy is often best with a log heat map.

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