Mithlond Changelog
  • 1.0: Initial Create
  • 1.1:
    • Fixed bug where viewpoint height not factored into rim horizon calculation
    • Fixed bug in how horizon render panel size calculated that caused panel to sometimes render too small.
    • Allowed user to set the angle at left edge of the horizon window so that the view can be rotated.
    • Set default left edge to 90 degrees. Since the sun rises and sets at +/-90 this mean that at no time of the year does the daily sun arc split across the right and left side of the screen at the default setting.
    • Allow user to save and restore settings (including the topology file). This is of more use for debug…
    • Added the cone object type to the topology file format so that cones can be used at the end of ridges look better when viewed from near end-on.
    • Added the AutoCone, AutoConeStart and AutoConeEnd directives to the topology file so that you can automatically have cones added to ridge start, end or both without having to specify the cones.
    • Added the current time to the time group box text so that you get immediate feedback on time and have a better chance to tell that you forgot to select the time (rather than just scrolling to it).
  • 1.2: Bug and performance fixes
    • Used the clip rectangle on paint to minimize what is being repainted. Still some flicker due to windows causing a full repaint and the main screen paint routine being slow.
    • Year render was using the monthRender step; changed it to the year render.
  • 1.3:
    • Added display of sunrise, sunset, peak solar power and total solar energy display following a ray or time render.
    • Added transparent horizon option.
  • 1.4: added Table views and ability to print tables.
  • 2.0: added world views
  • 2.2: Major addition: Tides
    • allowed most views and tables to be either printed, saved to a text or bitmap file or both
    • text views and can saved to clipboard
    • added a graph of temperature to the table view so you can see temp over the course of months or a year for a location
  • 2.3: Fixed a problem with year renders


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