Draft Results

Draft Figure Virae
1st Major Arcana Card The Moon You like to explore dark places- be it ruins, caverns, old sewers or simply prowling at night in the dark places of the woods. This exploration has made you nimble, you gain +2 dexterity.
2nd Major Arcana Card Wheel of Fortune You are a child of the fates. At the end of each session roll a d6 to determine which stat is blessed for the next session. This stat is 4 points higher for the entire next session. (By rolling at the end of the previous session, you have the option of modifying your character sheet before the next session to make it easier to account for all the modifications.)
1st Court Card Page of Cups You have an heirloom magic toy. See notes.
2nd Court Card Queen of Wands Level 2 foot or waist item
1st Minor Card 8 of Wands Your youth was spent in a place with many disruptions at night and you learned to get by on reduced sleep. You may reduce the time required for night time rest by 2 hours.
2nd Minor Card 7 of Swords Light sleeper: you do not need to make a perception check to wake up.


Marika is the daughter of Alithan, a bard who travels throughout the Jaggermark and Rimark. Her mother was Uthera a minor noblewoman who was born in Elham. She fell for Alithan and had Marika out of wedlock. Uthera kept Marika for a few years but she soon became engaged to a noble in Mammen and had to relinquish her daughter.

Most bastards would have been abandoned at that point to a life of servitude as a thrall but Alithan happened to be in Elham and took his daughter with him. He did not take Marika on the road but he did find a good home for her in Muthuile where she learned in elvish.

In Muthuile she fell under the care of the elf Liliatha, a priest of several spirits in the region. Marika saw her as a mother and in the followed her into the service of spirits. Liliatha is very attached to Marika; when she reached adulthood, Liliatha gave her one of her prized possessions, a jeweled bracelet set with sapphires of all shapes of the rainbow. On command, it can produce colored motes that float in the air for a few seconds.

For a time, Marika served with Count Kerwin of Muthuile's Border Watch. There she learned to follow the sleep patterns of the Elves and learned to make do with less sleep and wake on a moments notice.


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