Magic Item Durability

In the world of Affliction, magic is tennuous. Items can degrade, break or be destroyed, or they can temporarily cease to function.

At the start of each round of combat, the initiative keeper will draw a single tarot card for the round and roll a die to determine which PC the card applies to. The receiving player keeps it face down until the start of his turn at which time the card's effects are resolved.

Items can be damaged, broken (but repairable) or destroyed (irreparably broken). Damaged and broken items can be repaired by NPC craftsmen or player-characters with the proper skills and feats.

This means that players must make choices on how much they risk their items:

  • Should I use the prize magic sword or a lesser blade?
  • Are the benefits of a battle worth the damaged items?
  • Do I invest in repairing certain types of items or develop contacts with those who can do it for me?
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