The main local languages of the Tolan Shore are Tolanese and Elvish. Note that both of these as spoken in the area have strong regional dialects. Characters can take a language multiple times, each with a different dialect to pass as a native of that dialect or may take the versatile tongue feat.

  • Tolanese(Trionesse): Human language from the Tolan Shore. The parenthetical Trionesse indicates the Trionesse dialect. Anyone speaking Tolanese can understand another Tolanese speaker but the dialect will clearly place that person.
  • Tolanese(Haladrin): Human dialect from the old Imperial hearland regionto the north.
  • Tolanese(Merindar): Human dialect south of Trionesse area.
  • Algorand Imperial Language: Tolanese derives from Algorand but the two are as similar as Earth Latin and Italian (that is, not very similar but you might be able to pick out the general sense).
  • Elvish(Trionesse): Trionesse dialect of Elvish.
  • Elvish(Oscan): Oscan Forest Elvish.
  • Elvish(Talindrian): Talindrian Forest Elvish, spoken in the great elvish forest north of Celebrent.
  • Elvish(Isharian): Isahrian Forest Elvish, similar to high elvish. From the Isharian Forest southeast of Trionesse.
  • Elvish(high): the dialect recognized as pure by elves in general. High elvish is quite distinct from Trionesse elvish; about as different as French-Canadian from Parisian French- almost the same on paper but almost a different language to the ear.
  • Dwaro(Oncar): the tongue of the ancient Dwaro. Oncar is the dialect most common in the area.


Dialects are treated as a distinct language. Each counts as a language per the D&D language rules. Note the versatile tongue skill if you want to try to pass one dialect off as another.

Only the Trionesse dialects are available to most characters. If your character has a unique background, you may know additional or different dialects but discuss with the referee.

Unavailable Languages

NOTE: Human players cannot take Elvish or Dwaro without discussing with the referee. Only Dwaro players can take Dwaro without referee consultation. No player can take Algorand without referee consultation. (Bards will likely be allowed to take any language of interest but confirm with the referee).

Other Languages

The normal racial languages are available but may also have dialects. Other human languages exist in Mithlond and may be available to certain characters.


Humans are generally illiterate. Human characters who begin with the Ritual Casting as a class feature and all elves are literate. All other humans are not literate.

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