Neighboring Lands

In this shattered land, long distance communication is difficult but it does occur. Merchants travel the coast (by land, the tides make sea travel difficult). Refugees from neighboring lands seek shelter here. Adventurers seek wealth beyond the Ruined forest. Creatures, benign and malevolent wander in from beyond, especially from the Spine Mountains. Knowledge of these outer lands is fuzzy, even to the bards.

Tolan Coast

The Ruined Forest lies on the Tolan coast, the north central coast of the only continent in Mithlond. To the near north lie lands much like the Trionesse human lands. Farther north lie the ruins of the old heart of the Algorand Empire and within the low tide zone, the ruins of the capital of Celebrent. Still further north lie steppes and then the fearsome desert at the rim of the world.

To the south along the coast is first a barren wasteland with few humans or elves then another shattered elvish forest, the Amranthe Forest.


Many large islands lie off coast, to the north. In Imperial times these were very prosperous lands producing much exotic and value drink (wine), fruits and vegetables. The nearer isles were mostly low-lying and were devastated by the Cataclysm. The farther isles had steep shores and fared well but there is little distant sea travel these days and current tales are fantastic and hard to believe.

The Spine Mountains: Rikenkevar

The spine mountains loom to the southeast of the Ruined Forest. Rising over 150 miles high in this area, they rise about 12-13 degrees on the horizon throughout the Trionesse region (see the Trionesse almanac page for a simplified view of the horizon). To put this in perspective, Mt Hood rises about 2.7 degrees above the horizon from viewpoints in the Portland area.

Aside from their visual impact, they provide an endless source of creatures, many dangerous such as giants, dragons and other raiders who periodically pass through the region leaving destruction in their wake. These mountains also host Dwaro ruins, some from millenia before the Algorand empire.

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