Draft Results

Draft Figure Kyrus
1st Major Arcana Card The Hanged Man You are devoted to an organization or a cause (e.g., a bandit gang, a particular king, a grove of driuds). This cause frequently makes demands on your time and sometimes wealth. However, you also have friends who will aid you in need, providing a companion periodically, loaning a magic item, or providing other material assistance.
2nd Major Arcana Card The Chariot You are widely travelled beyond the Trionesse region. These long travels taught you hardiness. You gain +2 constitution.
1st Court Card Knight of Pentacles Timely Respite (PHB2). You can take a saving throw during a second wind.
2nd Court Card Knight of Cups You are very imposing. You gain a +2 on intimidate checks.
1st Minor Card 6 of Pentacles 2 x 100 GP moonstone
2nd Minor Cart 9 of Rods 500 GP small ruby


Oskari is part of a group of nomadic shifters often called Wanderers or the Tribe by the humans – at least in polite conversation. Oskari has traveled with the Wanders since he was left with them shortly after his birth.

Growing up in this nomadic fashion has its perks, chiefly a sense of the world and current affairs much broader than most creatures today. And a bit less tangible but still important is an enduring nature that such travels foster.

The elders of the group recognized earlier on that Oskari possessed a personality well suited to military type discipline and training. So as is their custom when he was able to begin training, he was placed with Julian, one of the weapon masters, to learn his role in defending the group.

The elders, as is the usual case, were quite correct in their assessment and Oskari flourished under the tutelage of master Julian. It was apparent early that Oskari would not be the most nimble of fighters. Yet his size and strength were well utilized learning an awesome weapon – the spiked chain. This weapon is prized for is versatility and effectiveness in battle, though few can wield it effectively. Those that do, often find that the mere presence of the weapon often has the effect of persuading would be combatants that parley is the wiser course to resolve the dispute.

Oskari owes much to master Julian. His sense of purpose and his moral compass were all developed under Julian’s firm unyielding methods. Julian lessons were often pointed and delivered with ruthless directness when an unacceptable behavior presented itself. The name he now goes by, Oskari which means Leaping Warrior, is one such lesson in humility. A lesson driven home after a particular sparing match where Oskari showed off a little too much to impress the crowd. For weeks the community aided Julian in his lesson and called him Oskari, when clearly he never will be. He retains the name as a reminder of his place in this world….and perhaps as a bit of joke on master Julian.

Oskari has traveled with a small group of the Wanderers to Ophio to trade with the elves – at least that is what he has told those who inquire. His true purpose is to fulfill a dream quest. He has spent the majority of his time in the outer parts of Ophio.


Venturing into the earth to search out the shadow dragon and remove the threat to the surface world proved to be a most foolish endeavor. More than once Oskari regretted heading into the unknown away from the support of friends to a place where even the earth tries to kill you. Indeed it almost did, will that mystery ever be solved….

Such small questions rarely enter the thoughts of Oskari these days. It was not always so. in the days or weeks immediately following the fall into the unknown he often had thoughts of despair threatening to overwhelm him. Where were his friends? Were they alive? Would he ever see them? his family? where was he? Where should he go? Avoiding the panic he knew would cause his doom was a constant battle.

His first glimmer of hope came as he was musing about the dragon queen.
"How long has passed since the battle with the dragon queen? Such a long time ago now. There it is again, the word 'time'. Just another uncertainty in the days or months I have been wandering…Certainly taking on this task was an act of heroism, but how many old heroes do I know? A rare thing even among the long lived fair race of elves, those that took on great deeds, knowingly or otherwise, were few and famous…quiet fool…stop talking to yourself…"

it was the scrap of metal on stone brought his monolog to a halt and looking to the sound he could make out a dark figure looking at him. Without hurry, Oskari stood and grasped his chain loosely in his left hand.

The small figure stepped closer and raised a hand, palm out, a gesture that on the surface would ease his mind but not here. Oskari was instantly straining his senses to hear the telltale skitter of soft feet over rock or to see the eyes of the being in front of him to shift ever so slightly. Instead the creature introduced himself in heavily accented common.
"I am Truc, I mean you no harm. I came to investigate the voice I heard. A wiser action is to speak in your head."

Still not convinced but with not other action seemingly open Oskari introduced himself, " I am Oskari of the Tribe, recently separated from my group after having slain the dragon Sjachkethend."

More conversation followed and Truc offered to share his food with Oskari. A welcome and irrefutable offer for a meal of worms or grubs or whatever the dark wiggling creatures he had been eating was terribly unappealing. During the meal Oskari learned that Truc lived in small community not far from where they sat. Truc seemed to be very interested in Osakri's tale and asked many questions about where he came from and what his friends looked like. As the conversation continued, Osakri was reminded of Beal who often interrogated those they met with the same passion.

After a time Truc invited Oskari to his home and offered to give him a map to a larger community and some supplies for his journey. In exchange for the hospitality Oskari offered some of the platinum coin he had. Truc politely refused saying Oskari would need all of what he had in his journey ahead. Before setting off Truc was kind enough to teach Oskari a few words of the dwaro language and what passed as the common language of the area.

Oskari wandered from town to town, looking for his companions. He often stopped at places to learn more of where he was, a bit more of the languages of the area and gather what information he could on the politics and religions of those he encountered. With each new journey he kept an ear and eye out for his companions, often traveling to where rumors of outsiders led him.

There were no shortage of hostile encounters. Oskari preferred those with intelligent beings as physical battle was often averted through posturing and negotiations. His increasing grasp of the languages and customs were in no small way helpful in avoiding what fights he could and getting along in such caravans and traveling groups as he could find. more than once Master Julian's voice floated through his mind as he was confronted by those wishing to take advantage of him.

Though he persisted in trying to find his companions, it was not until what seemed like years had passed that he found renewed hope. He heard rumors of a particularly ill tempered tiefling in a town called Lurumesh. Such creatures were often ill tempered but it was the name that bought him up short of breath, Avari. With cautious hope kindled in his heart he set out to see if this rumor was any truer than the rest…


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