Kurujai (Change to PC Name)

Draft Results

Draft Figure Kurujai
1st Major Arcana Card The Lovers You have a lover who will shelter you and provide you with material assistance but you will also have to spend time with your lover and your lover may be jealous OR You had a lover and betrayed that lover, stealing 2000 GP in the process. In either case, your lover gave you a level 6 magic item with his or her insignia on it.
2nd Major Arcana Card The Tower You recently experienced a terrible disaster. For example, your village might have been burned to the ground and all your family and childhood friends killed or enslaved. This event has seared your soul giving you a penalty of your choice of -2 to diplomacy or -2 to bluff. However, it has also steeled your resolve giving you a +2 to saving throws. You also gain an encounter power, immediate reaction triggered by being affected by an ongoing effect, you can take a saving throw.
1st Court Card Queen of Swords You have travelled wildly through the Shattered Forest region and know people and places throughout the area.
2nd Court Card Queen of Wands Level 2 foot or waist item
1st Minor Card 6 of Wands Woodsman: you have spent many years in a wilderness setting and gain a +2 to skill checks in one type of outdoor terrain such as woods, mountains, plains, swamps, etc.
2nd Minor Cart 10 of Pentacles 2x 1000 GP sapphire



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