Wilska began as a poor settlement of "tide muckers" who picked over the tidal zone for fish on the ebbing tide. But several rich treasure finds some centuries ago and a few local heroes allowed the settlement to fortify and claim the status of a kingdom. It has few outlying towns and is considered a 2nd class kingdom by the rest of Jaggerland.

The current ruler is King Zvakar. Zvakar served in his youth in lands to the far north where he gained some wealth and followers. Returning to Wilska, he dethroned the Queen Immora in 5977 (who lives in exile to the north in Narsaaq). His rule has become somewhat capricious and cruel as the once puissant warrior has grown fat and slow. Rumor speaks of his imminent overthrow and the bards sing unflattering tales, always a bad sign.

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Hvalsey thrives on the salmon runs that have finally returned to this land with some cattle grazing in the blighted lands surrounding them. The salmon runs nearly disappeared after the Cataclysm but returned in some strength 200 years ago and in full strength within the last 60 years. Hvalsey has used its position on some rocky grounds flanking the rapids to harvest much of the run on their river.

Before the runs returned, they were also one of the few peoples to venture on the treacherous, tide wracked sea. They developed appropriate vessels that can be safely beached on most shores and the skill to navigate the roaring tidal currents. They maintain a small but lucrative amount of trade with the coastal islands.

Queen Kolfinna has ruled Hvalsey since 5989. She is young but firmly in control. Unmarried, she has many suitors and the bards sing of her wooing.


Vendel is a somewhat impoverished holding with poor lands but a long tradition of feisty warriors who seek service in other lands. The palisade is small but well maintained and the Vendel have a prickly sense of honor: easily offended and quick to seek a challenge. Vendel and Braaton continuously engage in petty squabbles.

The current King is Rikar, still in the prime of his life.


Very similar to Vendel in being small, impoverished and thin-skinned. While the typical Braaton warrior is just as quick to challenge on the thinnest pretext, the Braaton rulers tend to be a more devious, but it is a transparent deviousness that has mostly earned them an ill-name and not much in the way of power or wealth.

The Braaton lands are poor but the town itself, takes advantage of an old imperial fort whose walls are partially intact. The Braaton hall is a stone hall from the original fort and on a rocky outcrop, a keep forms the dwelling of the Braaton lords and their men. There are dungeons beneath the tower but conflicting reports on whether they are simply small storerooms or substantial.

The current ruler of Braaton is Queen Maeve, a sinister mistress of magic.


Mammen lies geographically at the edge of Jaggerland but is one of the two richest Jaggerland chiefdoms. It, in fact, often allies with Hvalsey, the other rich chiefdom, since their distance makes them less likely to conflict and the two intervening chiefdoms of Braaton and Vendel are both so untrustworthy and pugnacious.

Mammen has rich farm and pasture land. The lord has many spears under his command and a sizable militia when needed. Rather than fortify Mammen itself, the lords of Mammen have invested in palisades and strong houses for their outlying settlements, protection against both Braaton and Vendel and against creatures from the wilds to the south and west.

The current lord is King Skorri, middle aged but considered just and wise. His eldest son, Trond, has a well deserved reputation as a fearsome warrior and has a griffin stead that he acquired in travels to the south.


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