History According to the Humans

The Dawn age

Long ago, people lived beneath the feet of the Maker, a god many times taller than the tallest mountains (remember: the tallest mountains on Mithlond are 200 miles high). The Maker made all things but cared little for the peoples of the world and carelessly destroyed them time and again until, one day, a great warrior slew the Maker. There are various tales about this warrior. He is most often called Ald, Ord or Tanthis and he variously slew the Maker with a spear made from a frozen river, climbed into his mouth and gutted him, or mocked him until he shrank down to the warrior's size at which point he was slain in normal combat.

In all the stories, after the Maker fell, his body turned into the Spine mountains that lay across most of the middle of the world. The warrior went to sleep beneath a cave under the Maker's fallen head, to return when needed in several stories. In others, he founded various kingdoms.

The Yoke of Kelthude

After the death of the Maker, the people of the world had peace and calm in which to settle the disc. Many cities and states grew but the Dwaro, who had retreated into the bones of the dead Maker, there discovered dark magics and using this magic, they came forth from their holes in the ground and enslaved the humans (all humans in a few tales, just some of them in most tales.) The Dwaro called their dominion Kalthude (also in the tales, variously Kazelthume, Karakthude, and similar). But the Dwaro proved to be the pawns of a dark power who had doled out a little of his black arts in order to trick them. Called the Deciever, this power overthrew the Dwaro in their halls in the ground and destroyed them.

Age of the Walking Dead

Freed from the yoke of the Dwaro, humans re-asserted their birthright and many healthy kingdoms arose along the shores of the sea. Yet the few Dwaro skulking in their holes in the ground were jealous of the humans. Shattered by the Deceiver and thus few in number, they could not directly challenge Men but with the aid of the Deceiver, they raised armies of walking dead and ushered in the Age of the Walking Dead. The Dead pushed humanity nearly into the seas but the mighty King Algor found the magic and might to defeat the undead and over the course of a hundred years, beat back the undead scourge. The gods too took part in the wars, leading great hosts but also finding homes for the dead so that they would no longer trouble the living. It is from this time that the honored dead found home in the halls of the gods and the rest sank to the underworld for rebirth above.

Golden Age of Algarond

Algor was the first king of the mighty and glorious Algarond empire that ruled the entire world and brought peace and light everywhere. In this time, which lasted for two thousand years exactly, no one died of hunger, water flowed to every home and just law ruled the land. No peril troubled common folk for the Algorand Army kept the foul beasts of the outer rim beyond the land. All served the Emperor, be that man, elf or Dwaro.

The Cataclysm

Again the perfidious Dwaro caused the end of a Golden Time. Lurking in their holes, grown fat on the bounty of the Empire, they plotted revenge for their defeat at the dawn of Algorand. They crafted a clever ruse: a golden cup that would never empty of water (or in other tellings, a sword that could cut anything or a crystal orb that could scry any place). This so intrigued the College of Wizards that they brought it to their Spire and used their greatest magics upon it to discover its secrets. But therein lay the dark Dwaro's trap for the cup's real purpose was to direct this magic energy back ten-fold at the Wizards and thus destroy them and the college.

The Dwaro mis-estimated the power commanded by the Wizards however and the ten-fold increase of energy did more than destroy the College, it nearly wrecked the world. (See the Cataclysm for more information.)

The Dark Age

Though the Cataclysm caused by the Dwaro killed many and wrecked much, humanity will prevail again. A new Algor will arise to lead mankind to dominance (or some tales have it that the warrior who slew the Maker will return). In the meantime, never trust a Dwaro.

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