Gwenrydd (Change to PC Name)

Draft Results

Draft Figure Gwernydd
1st Major Arcana Card The Fool You challenged an important person and lost (choose a challenge appropriate to the character). You are banished from his presence and had to flee with little to show for it. You start with 25% of normal starting wealth (exclusive of other card effects). This seering experience gave you a +2 wisdom bonus.
2nd Major Arcana Card The Star You were a star pupil at some point in your youth. You retain an excellent relationship with your mentor/teacher and he or she may assist you with advice at times. Additionally, the experience gave you a +2 to intelligence.
1st Court Card King of Cups You have a gift for languages. You can learn two additional languages. Additionally, with some practice, you can speak a dialect as a native. (see notes)
2nd Court Card Knight of Swords ""Elf"" friend. Choose a race, not your own. You are considered a friend of that race for a service you or your ancestors performed.
1st Minor Card 5 of Cups You know a fence for stolen, high value goods.
2nd Minor Cart 4 of Pentacles 2 x 50 GP Peridot



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