Guide To Spirits

This page provides an overview of the general types of spirits in the world and some of their common characteristics. The table gives examples of the sorts of spells and powers these spirits might grant. Any given spirit will not provide all the powers and some spirits may have powers not listed in the table.

In game terms, referee and players will use this as a guide when creating specific spirits and should use their own judgment when describing specific spirits to follow the table or depart from it as they see fit.

Type Features Rank Order Good/Evil Obligations Powers Abilities Antithesis
Water Springs, waterfalls, ponds, streams, rivers, lakes Usually lesser Chaotic, sometimes neutral Neutral, sometimes good or evil Generally requiring honoring at any water feature and observance to other water spirits. Various cure disease, damage, etc. Growth. Some protection. Some summoning. Create water. Waterwalk, waterbreathing. Divination. Control over water elementals. Improved healing effects. Waterbreathing at will. Create or find water. Swim as class skill. Occasionally earth spirits but more often fire and air spirits. Sometimes at odds with a specific other local water spirits.
Sea Both Chaotic Neutral or evil, sometimes good General desire followers to spend a significant amount of time living in the sea or tidal zone. Offerings of treasure. Some summoning, water walking, waterbreathing. Weather, travel, divination. Similar to water spirits plus: strong summoning weather sense and control, some combat related Fire spirits and often many land spirits.
Woods Groves, Woods, Forests Usually lesser Usually neutral or chaotic Usually neutral Protection of woods and woodland creatures. Nature summoning. Divination. Some protection. Creation, animal and plant growth and control. Animal companion. Speak with animals. Nature summoning. Pass without trace. Track. Survival as class skill. Fire spirits.
Animal Bear, wolf, elk, etc. Usually lesser Usually neutral or chaotic Any Protection of spirit's animal type. Summoning, divine power-type spells, sometimes curing spells, animal control/growth. Some combat Animal form. Summons animals. Animal companion. Tracking. Survival as class skill. Command or rebuke animals. Certain animal spirits. Fire spirits.
Other Nature Plains, deserts, etc. Both Any Any Varies Varies Varies Varies
Earth Features Hills, Mountains Both Neutral to chaotic Neutral to evil Monetary offerings, personal visits, maintenance of shrines. Protection, divination, some combat. Weather. Summoning. Improved summoning. Strength. Improved protection spells. Water, woods, nature.
Underground Features Caves, caverns Both Neutral to lawful Neutral to evil Monetary offerings, personal visits, maintenance of shrines. Protection, divination, combat. Dark vision. Summoning. Special powers like treasure finding, boost to AC 3 times per day. Often antagonistic to most surface spirits.
Wind Mountains, Woods, Plains Both Chaotic Neutral, sometimes good or evil Offerings into the wind; acknowledgement of winds and weather. Summoning, travel, weather, movement. Certain defensive and combat. Communication spells. Invisibility once per day. Summoning. Weather sense and control.
Thermal Features Hot springs, volcanoes Both Chaotic Often evil Sacrifice of animals or items in flame. Fire spells, combat. Summoning. Summoning. Fire resistance. Dexterity bonus. Water spirits.
Artifical Places Crossroads, ruins, large structures. Both Usually neutral or lawful. typically neutral to evil. Sacrifices at the structure. Protection, divination. Varies by structure and spirit. Varies.


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