The winged characters in the draft have wings as an adjunct to their physique, rather than integrated wings (such as birds, griffins, etc.). For this reason, most PCs with wings are clumsy fliers (see Monster Manual 2). Clumsy fliers are -4 on all attacks and -4 on all defenses while in the flight. Clumsy flyers cannot hover. They must move their full speed every turn they are in the air and they must move at least two squares before turning. Only Avari is a non-clumsy flyer.

Aella has a movement speed of 6. If she flies, she must move at least 6 squares if she remains in the air. She can move 12 if she takes two move actions. As long as she lands at the end of her move, she can move less than 6 squares.

Difficult terrain

A flying PC can use flight to ignore the effects of difficult terrain, including for a single square shift.

Knocked Prone

If a flying creature is knocked prone, the creature falls to the ground immediately, taking falling damage appropriate to the creature's altitude before being knocked prone. Exception: if the creature is more than 300 feet (60 squares) in the air, it does not have time to hit the ground before its turn and remains in the air at an altitude 300 feet lower than before being knocked prone. It does not taking falling damage.

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