Falconer (Thane)

Draft Results

Draft Figure Falconer
1st Major Arcana Card Justice You are banished or outlawed from a kingdom or other power in the campaign region for a crime you did commit. Life on the run has given you heightened sense, though. You gain +5 to intiative, cannot be surprised and don't grant combat advantage.
2nd Major Arcana Card The High Priestess You are the child of a spirit. You can add a +1 to two different abilities as long as you do not raise a score past 20. You also gain resist 5 (increasing by 5 at each tier) to an energy type appropriate to your spirit-parent. Your spirit-parent takes a special interest in you and will sometimes direct his channelers and worshippers to aid you.
1st Court Card Queen of Coins Alertness (PHB). You don't grant combat advantage during surprise. +2 to perception
2nd Court Card Queen of Swords You have travelled wildly through the Shattered Forest region and know people and places throughout the area.
1st Minor Card 2 of Wands You spent a lot of time around guards (maybe you were once one or a family member or friend was). You know how to work them and gain a +2 bonus on any skill checks related to a guard.
2nd Minor Cart 3 of Cups Key (copy) to a lord's lockbox



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