History According to the Elves

The Dawn Age

In the distant past, the Maker walked the earth seeding the world with all the living things. In that distant time, he created his first sentient race, the Elves, to help him tend his new creation. The elves shepherded plant and animal alike, helping each find its own place and nurturing them into new forms. It was a time without war when the world was new and all forms true to their real selves. In this age, Elves learned the order of all things and committed themselves to preserving it.

Other races came to be in the Dawn Age. There came humans who bred like mice and consumed all before them like ravenous wolves. A twisted, lumbering dark race arose as well, the fathers of the Dwaro. These creatures shunned the light and burrowed into the bones of the mountains. The elves were glad to see them depart the sunlit realm but little did they realize that the Dwaro plotted in their dark cave to upset the order of the world.

Death of the Maker

In time, the dark arts of the Dwaro created a means to destroy the maker of the world. The Dwaro felled him and in his fall, his body laid the seeds of the Spinekevar mountains that stretch from rim to the center of the world. The maker's fall shattered the halls of the evil Dwaro, which was good. But it also shattered the land and killed many.


The elves tended the shattered world. New forests arose, creatures found new homes. After a time, all seemed well despite the Maker's demise. But ever the Dwaro toiled in their dark halls, seeking power and dominion over the sunlit realm. The maker's fall had not destroyed all of them and they bred anew beneath the ground, bursting forth into the light to rule all in the Empire of Kazelthum.

The seven cities beneath the maker's skull formed the heart of Kazelthum. From here, the Dwaro poured forth their beguiling arts, bewitching power-greedy men with their lore and magic. All the world fell under their sway. In this time most of the Dwaro made the dwellings that are now the ruins that still mar the pristine mountains to this day. Their greed for dark lore did not end with their conquering of the sunlit realm. Their sages detected power deep in the world's bones and they burrowed for it.

Their sages were correct: they found power but power that destroyed them. The Dark Empire fell.

Age of the Walking Dead

Free of the Dwaro yoke, the humans fell upon each other in endless war while the elves wisely retreated to their forest depths. The wars raged for centuries and when they seemed close to petering out, the Dwaro sent a new horror into the world: they woke the dead. These dead numbered in the millions and their armies swept all before them.

The Algorand Empire

Ruin threatened all the living when one of the human warlords, Lord Algor managed to first hold off the dead then push them back. Algor was cruel, ruthless and rapacious but he did save the world from a worse evil. When he founded the Algorand empire, the elves in their small numbers could not stand against him. But the king though cruel was wise and he made a pact with the elves that as long as they served his armies and acknowledged his dominion, he would leave them at peace in their forests.

This arrangement worked well yet it was to the ultimate doom of all. The Empire brought its fashion of peace although Imperial Armies were ever swift to crush dissent. The numbers of men grew almost without count. The Dwaro, too, were allowed to prosper as long as they acknowledged Algorand. Dwaro magic filled the land. The elves prospered as well.

But something evil lurked in the heart of the empire. The Dwaro had planted a thirst for dark arts in the College of Wizards. This college pursued that knowledge to destruction of the all when they brought on the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm

The Cataclysm wiped the College of Wizards and the Imperial Capital from the map. This was not itself an ill-fate as it also wiped away the dark lore that caused the Cataclysm. But not content to destroy themselves, the greedy humans wrecked the world for all. The salt tides poisoned nearly all the elf forests. The coastal woods were completely flooded and all elves there lost. But even the inland forests suffered indundation of hundreds of feet. The elves took refuge in their highest trees and many survived but when the waters departed, the poisoned woods had little life and the husbandry of the elves that had served all living things since the Dawn Age had little power. The vain humans had sundered magic itself.

The Dark Age

Elves have little commerce now with humans or Dwaro. They seek to rebuild their forests and their power of husbandry for themselves and their charges. All others they forbid from their woods.

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