Aella Nightwing

Draft Results

Draft Figure Dream Warrior
1st Major Arcana Card The Moon You like to explore dark places- be it ruins, caverns, old sewers or simply prowling at night in the dark places of the woods. This exploration has made you nimble, you gain +2 dexterity.
2nd Major Arcana Card Wheel of Fortune You are a child of the fates. At the end of each session roll a d6 to determine which stat is blessed for the next session. This stat is 4 points higher for the entire next session. (By rolling at the end of the previous session, you have the option of modifying your character sheet before the next session to make it easier to account for all the modifications.)
1st Court Card Page of Cups You have an heirloom magic toy. See notes.
2nd Court Card Queen of Wands Level 2 foot or waist item
1st Minor Card 8 of Wands Your youth was spent in a place with many disruptions at night and you learned to get by on reduced sleep. You may reduce the time required for night time rest by 2 hours.
2nd Minor Card 7 of Swords Light sleeper: you do not need to make a perception check to wake up.


Aella was born in 5968 in the Trionesse forest in the unblighted heart of the forest in the south. Her mother was Selena Dreamwing, a faerie dragon who often took elvish form. In that form, she would sometimes pass among the elves and partake of their festivals. It was at one summer festival that she conceived Aella. She has never told Aella who her father is and she may not know.

Selena raised Aella apart from both the elves and other faerie dragons in a wild glade deep in the woods. Here the two spent Aella’s first decades with only occasional visitors of elvish or faerie dragon-kind. Aella is not a strong flyer as her body is not really adapted to wings like a dragon might be. Out of concern for her safety after a few early crashes as a toddler, Selena gave her daughter a pair of Boots of Jaunting (Queen of Wands) which allow her to teleport safely to the ground if she ever gets in trouble in flight.

In her youth, she had free run of the woods, her trusting to her wings to keep her from harm. Embarrassed at her mixed heritage, she took to moving at night. Flying at night requires extra care and nimbleness (The Moon) and her many hours spent alone in the night taught her to sleep lightly (7 of Swords) and make do with less sleep (8 of Wands). It was also during these nightly forays that she learned the arts of moving quietly and keeping to the shadows (Skill Training(Stealth) feat for her first level feat selection).

When she was not quite 20, she found herself caught in a powerful storm and foolishly took shelter in a high tree where lightning struck her. She survived the strike with no permanent damage but in the months afterwards began to show strange powers: she found she could hurl lightning from her hands and summon thunder (sorcerer storm magic).

Her new storm powers gave her confidence and she began to fly farther from home, travelling for days at a time, although always at night and usually avoiding the elves of the forest. But elves have good night vision and one night she was spotted by a curious elf name Avarhion who was intrigued by the reclusive but beautiful butterfly maiden. He tracked her to a lair in a tree but as he watched her, she woke suddenly and flew away.

Avarhion was a ranger charged with guarding the Trionesse frontier so he had little time for chasing faeries but at times he would pass through the area where he had seen Aella. One day instead of Aella, he found Selena in elvish form and he told her of the strange butterfly-winged maiden he had seen. Selena brought occasional visitors to Aella so she would not be a complete stranger to elves and so she decided to bring the ranger to her daughter. Aella recognized the ranger and was flattered by his interest in her. The two became lovers and she followed him out of the heart of the wild into the greater Trionesse forest. There she found she needed to use her charm (diplomacy skill) to ease her way in the larger world.

After some years with Avarhion, they parted ways but she had found that she likes the wider world and wishes to see more of it, perhaps even travelling into human lands. Avarhion and Aella parted while he was posted to Muthuile. He would sometimes take her to Ophio where Aella saw others of “unique heritage”. Once she was on her own, she decided to begin her own journeys in Ophio where she hoped to find some companions for her journeys.

When she left with Avarhion, her mother gave her a magical, silver dragon toy (Page of Cups). Only four inches long, it can be commanded to scurry short distances, perform simple tricks (like roll over), fetch tiny items and do similar tasks. It is not intelligent, cannot communicate and cannot fly although it does have wings. On command, it can freeze and hold that posture indefinitely. Aella usually has it freeze clutching her cape or serving as a cloak clasp.


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