Top Party Select and Tarot Card Selection

Tarot Card Distribution

At this point, the players should have two parties of five characters with a character from each player in each party.

Tarot Card Selection

For each party, the ref deals face up 10 major, 10 court and 10 minor tarot cards . These cards are face up and dealt for both groups at once so that players can see the full field of options. After players have a chance to review all the cards, card selection beings.

Pick Order

For each party, pick order is in team ranking order. Characters from a higher ranked team pick before characters from a lower ranked team. If there are ranking ties because multiple characters are from the same arena team, use a die roll resolve that order. The ties are re-rolled every five cards (everytime each person has picked a card).


The table below shows an example selection of characters, by rank, for five players. The numbers in the table are the rank of the selected character (since that is all that matters for determining order).

John Sam Tina Lars ~Fred
Party 1 1 1 2 3 3
Party 2 2 2 1 2 1

For the first party, the referee deals the 10 major, court and minor cards face up. Then John and Sam roll to see who picks first since their characters in the first party both have rank 1. John beats Sam so he picks first followed by Sam. Tina picks next since she has the next highest ranked character (2) and she does not need to roll since no one else has a rank 2 character. Next Lars and Fred must roll since their characters are tied at rank 3. Lars loses to Fred so Fred picks followed by Lards.

Each character has no selected a card so we start over again, re-rolling the ties. John and Sam roll and again John wins so John picks followed by Sam and Tina. Now Lars and Fred must pick. This time Lars wins so he picks next followed by Fred.

Now 10 cards have been selected and 20 remain. The process above is repeated 4 more times for this party and the entire process once again for the second party.


As noted earlier, players can trade their tarot card pick order. They can trade first card pick order for particular characters, for a particular card selection (e.g. first two picks), for one or both characters, etc. It is up to the players to negotiate. They may also agree to "lose the day roll". For instance, for party 1, Sam might have agreed to always lose to John so in this case, they would not roll the dice to resolve the tie but Sam would go after John and ahead of Tina, Lars and Fred.


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