Selection of Figures

The figure selection process is simple albeit likely to be time consuming: the players work out who gets which 5 figures amongst themselves. Ideally, the players as a group works out a best fit which best accomodates everyone's needs. Even if one player happens to gather five figures early in the process it is best for everyone to remain flexible and willing to trade as a log-jam over some figures might be best broken by releasing "assigned" figures to other players. That is, the players should try to make assignments, placing figures in their hands and moving them back into the pot or to other players as needed to get to an acceptable assignment for all.

It is the intent of the referees that all draft figures are playable by at least one player and hopefully by several players. By collaboratively assigning figures, the hope is the at least 3 solid parties and hopefully 4 or even 5 can be assembled.


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