Character Selection and Character Completion

Character Completion

Once the players have the tarot cards for each of their two figures in the selected parties, the players (probably off-line) determine:

  • Their starting character
  • The name, alignment and class for each character (as allowed on the figures table)
  • The character sheet for the character, using their own selection of powers, feats, skills, etc. That is, the character sheet used for the arena fight is only for the arena fight and does not bind the player's choices for this figure in any way. Only the class and alignment in the figures table restricts choice.

Using the Two Characters

At this point the players each have two PCs. They may of course use one PC to replace a PC that has died. However, they also have the option to switch back and forth between their two PCs as they desire and as in-game circumstances allow. Both characters will always have the same XP and therefore be the same level.

Gear Leveling

At their discretion, the referees may add gear to a PC being swapped in to bring it in-line with the party.


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