Creating the Arena Parties

As a group, the players determine the composition of the 5 arena parties. Each person has one and only one figure in each party so that all five parties have a figure from all five players. Party composition is up to the players but some factors to consider are:

  • A viable party should have a balance of roles. Generally, this would be one defender, one leader, and either one controller and two strikers or three strikers. However, it is up to players and they can field any mix of roles they choose.
  • It is perfectly acceptable (and probably desirable) for the players to group their prefered characters in two parties and their list prefered characters in another party or two. This way, it is more likely that everyone plays their prefered characters. Don't forget though, by the nature of the system, it might turn out that the least prefered party does the best in arena giving the players strong incentive to select it.

Remember that a figures class and build for the arena need not be the one you use for the campaign,

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