Draft Minor

The minor cards provide simple effects, with little flexibility to the players. See the notes following the table for some additional information.

Major Cards Court Cards Minor Cards (This page)
Rank Wands Cups Swords Pentacles
2 You spent a lot of time around guards (maybe you were once one or a family member or friend was). You know how to work them and gain a +2 bonus on any skill checks related to a guard. Map to a lost ruin. Growing up, your big brother (or similar relation) liked to throw you to the ground so you learned to fight while prone. Your penalty to attacks made while prone is only -1. 50GP Garnet
3 Bar veteran: years in the taverns, the king's mead-hall or the like have given you a resistance to alcohol (+5 on any intoxication checks) and the ability to smooze well in alcohol laden environments gaining a +2 to skill checks in such places. Key (copy) to a lord's lockbox Growing up, you and your buddy use to lob rocks at each others head (shades of ""Braveheart"") which has given you a +2 to saving throws to end an ongoing dazed effect. 50GP Amethyst
4 Seducer/ seductress. You have a long string of conquests in your wake. You gain a +2 on any skill checks related to seduction. This stacks with other tarot card bonuses that may affect diplomacy. You found the encryption key to an important code. Animal friend: you spent a lot of time in your youth around a particular type of animal such as a dog, wolf, bear, etc. For that creature only, you can perform the animal friendship ritual. 2 x 50 GP Peridot
5 Sychophant. You played the role of sychophant or observed a skilled one. You gain +2 on skill checks for any attempt to persaude or influence someone of clearly superior rank. You know a fence for stolen, high value goods. Swimmer: many summer hours in pools and streams have made you a fast swimmer. You gain +1 on your swim speed and +2 on any skill checks related to swimming. 100GP pearl
6 Woodsman: you have spent many years in a wilderness setting and gain a +2 to skill checks in one type of outdoor terrain such as woods, mountains, plains, swamps, etc. You aided a lord or other powerful person. Ritualist: your fascination with rituals means you have +5 on any lore checks regarding rituals. If you can cast rituals, you can make any ritual-related skill checks at +2. 2 x 100 GP moonstone
7 Voice of command: you are used to ordering others around. In situations where you are clearly of superior rank, you gain a +2 on skill checks. You are well-known and liked in a place such as a tavern of your choice. Light sleeper: you do not need to make a perception check to wake up. 250GP Zircon
8 Your youth was spent in a place with many disruptions at night and you learned to get by on reduced sleep. You may reduce the time required for night time rest by 2 hours. You are casual friends with a lord or other powerful person. Stubborn: you fight any attempt at control. You gain a saving throw at the start of your round (in addition to one at the end) for any ongoing domination effects, even if they do not normally allow a saving throw. 400 GP Opal
9 You have spent time with several spirits and know their ways. +2 on skill checks with spirits. You know someone who sells alchemical items and can get a 20% discount. And access to rare items. Something about your appearance- your hair color for instance, or a tattoo, spooks or disturbs a type of creature. Select one creature type. Those creatures suffer a -1 to attacks against you. 500 GP small ruby
10 You spent a lot of time around merchants, maybe your father was one, maybe your mother queen couldn't resist a good bargain. You get a -5% per charisma modifier discount on purchases and +5% per charisma modifier increase on sale price, minumum +/- 10%. Maximum +/- 20% Prior adventure: 200 XP You have fought and/or dueled repeatedly with one type of creature or race. You gain a +1 to hit bonus against that creature/race. 2x 1000 GP sapphire



Some cards offer a choice of a modification to one of two skills. You must pick a single skill.

Insulted Lord

While the lord is not too happy with you, his enemies consider you a hero. For instance, if you insulted an elvish lord, that lord and the elves to a lesser extent may not like you but you might find human bards singing your praises and a nice seat in the halls of human-lords.

This card (6 of Cups) is a lesser version of the major arcana Hierophant. If you do have both cards, you must choose a different person for each card.


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