Major Arcana

The major arcana cards provide significant benefits and typically connections to significant individuals or organizations in the setting. Players will need to develop their backgrounds with these cards in mind in collaboration with the referee.

These cards often provide magic items or feats of your choice (within the parameters of the card in terms of level and applicability to the event described in the card).

Major Arcana (this page) Court Cards Minor Cards
Rank Card Effect Rank Card Effect Rank Card Effect
0 The Fool You challenged an important person and lost (choose a challenge appropriate to the character). You are banished from his presence and had to flee with little to show for it. You start with 25% of normal starting wealth (exclusive of other card effects). This seering experience gave you a +2 wisdom bonus. VIII Strength You have performed a feat of valor that has earned you fame and renown. In addition to earning a place of honor in most halls and dwellings in the land (as appropriate to your race), you also gain a +2 bonus to your choice of defense OR +2 to strength. XV The Devil You received a wealthy bequest, from a former lover or someone who had a romantic interest in you. You begin with 10000 gold which you can convert to property or portable wealth of any non-magic type (such as gems, silver plate, etc.) and one magic item of no more than 6000 GP value.
I The Magician You bested your mentor in a friendly challenge and in reward he gave you a level 9-12, Dwaro-craft implement of your choice. (Non-implement using classes can have a level 6 weapon). IX The Hermit You have a close relationship with a wise person. This person can be a trainer who will train you for no cost. Additionally, the person can provide valuable, insightful advice. At every even level, the person will give you a magic item appropriate to your class and level. XVI The Tower You recently experienced a terrible disaster. For example, your village might have been burned to the ground and all your family and childhood friends killed or enslaved. This event has seared your soul giving you a penalty of your choice of -2 to diplomacy or -2 to bluff. However, it has also steeled your resolve giving you a +2 to saving throws. You also gain an encounter power, immediate reaction triggered by being affected by an ongoing effect, you can take a saving throw.
II The High Priestess You are the child of a spirit. You can add a +1 to two different abilities as long as you do not raise a score past 20. You also gain resist 5 (increasing by 5 at each tier) to an energy type appropriate to your spirit-parent. Your spirit-parent takes a special interest in you and will sometimes direct his channelers and worshippers to aid you. X Wheel of Fortune You are a child of the fates. At the end of each session roll a d6 to determine which stat is blessed for the next session. This stat is 4 points higher for the entire next session. (By rolling at the end of the previous session, you have the option of modifying your character sheet before the next session to make it easier to account for all the modifications.) XVII The Star You were a star pupil at some point in your youth. You retain an excellent relationship with your mentor/teacher and he or she may assist you with advice at times. Additionally, the experience gave you a +2 to intelligence.
III The Empress You spent time in the house of a female ruler. Either she or one of her people tuaght you some healing arts. These obligations taught you to care and nuture, you gain a +2 bonus to healing skill and one power from: cleric's healing word . XI Justice You are banished or outlawed from a kingdom or other power in the campaign region for a crime you did commit. Life on the run has given you heightened sense, though. You gain +5 to intiative, cannot be surprised and don't grant combat advantage. XVIII The Moon You like to explore dark places- be it ruins, caverns, old sewers or simply prowling at night in the dark places of the woods. This exploration has made you nimble, you gain +2 dexterity.
IV The Emperor You are of high rank birth and have served successfully in leadership roles suitable to your rank. You can draw on the privileges of this rank. Additionally, your service resulted in either non-magic booty worth 2000 gold AND a level 4 magic item, or 500 XP. XII The Hanged Man You are devoted to an organization or a cause (e.g., a bandit gang, a particular king, a grove of driuds). This cause frequently makes demands on your time and sometimes wealth. However, you also have friends who will aid you in need, providing a companion periodically, loaning a magic item, or providing other material assistance. XIX The Sun You are clever with creations and rituals. The material cost of any alchemical, ritual or item you create or repair is half the normal cost. Furthermore, you gain a +2 bonus in all knowledge skills (arcana, history, dungeoneering, and religion). If your class does give you ritual casting you gain a limited form of the various creation rituals that only lets you create items appropriate to your class (warrior would be able to create weapons and armors, etc.).
V The Hierophant You slandered a powerful person resulting in a blood feud with that person. However your enemy is not without enemies and these people are now your friends. As long as you remain an enemy of the one you slandered, they will provide you with material assistance and shelter. To make your escape they gave you a magic item of up level 5 of your choice. XIII Death You have learned to cheat death. As encounter, immediate interrupt action, if a blow is about to take you below 1 hit point, you may instead shift 1 square and use a healing surge, avoiding the blow if the shift puts you out of range of the attack. XX Judgement You are one of the rare beings who recall something of a prior life. Pick a class that is not your current class. You may choose one additional at-will power for your use from that class. This is in addition to your normal at-will powers.
VI The Lovers You have a lover who will shelter you and provide you with material assistance but you will also have to spend time with your lover and your lover may be jealous OR You had a lover and betrayed that lover, stealing 2000 GP in the process. In either case, your lover gave you a level 6 magic item with his or her insignia on it. XIV Temperance You have shown the gift of diplomacy since an early age. +2 to charisma. XXI The World You are a high ranked individual, heir to an important throne or other similar position of status. Unfortunately, you are not in possession of that position due to a usurper or similar foe but in addition to the right to the position, you have a Dwaro-craft family weapon which has been recently repaired (no damage on it) and is a tougher than normal item so it suffers no penalties due to the repair. Furthermore, while you have powerful foes who will likely want you dead, you have friends who will assist you as well.
VII The Chariot You are widely travelled beyond the Trionesse region. These long travels taught you hardiness. You gain +2 constitution.


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