The Draft Figures

There are 25 figures in the draft, as shown in the table below.

Each Figure

For each figure, the figure table defines:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Alignment. The character must be one of the allowed alignments. Most characters have a choice of two alignments.
  • Allowed classes. The character must be one of these classes but note that you may choose one class for the arena battle and new class (or build) for the regular game itself. Ideally you will try out the cless/build you have in mind but the flexibility is allowed so that 5 well formed teams can be fielded for the arena fights.
  • A figure specific bonus. This is generally a bonus related to the figure itself and may be a magic item, a power or a relevant feat.

Click on the thumbnails for a full size view of the figures. These are fairly hi-res pictures, be sure to zoom in on your browser for full resolution (just click again on the image in the window that pops up in IE to zoom in). If any of the figure identifications are incorrect, plus feel free to edit the table to correct.

Group1 Group2 Group3 Group4 Group5
group1.jpg group2.jpg group3.jpg group4.jpg group5.jpg
Left-most figure Hod Ayane Red Karnaugh Viktoria Lord of Carnage
2nd from Left Bael Barbarian Hero Virae Maneos Alahan Royal Standard Bearer
Middle figure Succubus Dream Warrior Lathiem Gilles Kyrus
2nd from right Faloncer Cynwall Asadar Valkyrie Gwnerryd Kurujai
Right-most figure Onetal Beastmaster Tempest Cynwall Varsym Bard

The full figure spreadsheet has links to sample pictures of the figures (to refresh your memory) and some summary tabs that you may find useful. You can download the spreadsheet from the files menu at the bottom of the page or here. The file does contain macros that are used for filling out secondary columns that show what stats are needed for the selected classes, etc. You can enable macros to see this or leave disabled and ignore the "#name" errors in some columns.

Table of Figures

Description Gender Race Align #1 Align #2 Class #1 Class #2 Class #3 Figure Specific Bonus
Alahan Royal Standard Bearer - aging knight w/ cool standard Male Human Good Unaligned Warlord Fighter Magic standard: move encounter power: plant standard in the ground and provide +2 attack and damage until the end of your next round to all allies within burst 10 who can see the standard.
Ayane - scarred female caster Female Human Unaligned Evil Wizard Shaman Invoker You can regain an encounter power once per encounter by taking a move action to inflict a healing surge amount of damage on yourself.
Bael - anime female w/ fur, chains, and horns Female Tiefling Unaligned Evil Bard Warlock Rogue The powers of a succubus ancestor manifest themselves with the Dominate at-will, standard-action power.Wis vs Will attack, range 5. On success you dominate the target until the end of your next turn.
Barbarian Hero - axe-wielding buff barbarian Male Human Unaligned Barbarian Warlord Avenger You may select a magic tattoo of up to 13000GP value. This tattoo does not occupy a magic item slot.
Bard d'Alahan - ornately robed female bard w/ longsword Female Human Good Unaligned Bard Ansruth Harp, +n: Adds +n to all Bard implement attacks and +nd6 to criticals where n is +1 for level 1-5, +2 for level 6-10, etc., Power (Daily • Healing): Standard Action. Use this power during a short rest. At the end of the short rest, one ally who remained within 20 squares of you during the rest regains all of his or her hit points. Song of Rest: The ally also regains a healing surge.
Beastmaster - non-human male caster w/ fire and staff Male Human Evil Unaligned Warlock Arcane Familiar - (Bound Demon) which is also a book imp. The character gains all of the features of both a bound demon and book imp familiar. See Arcane Power pg. 140. You may also select an additional arcane familiar feat.
Cynwall Asadar - ornate, elf heavy warrior with sword and shield Male Elf Good Unaligned Avenger Fighter Paladin +1 to movement and the improved initiative feat
Cynwall Varsym - ornate, elf light warrior dual wielding Female Elf Good Unaligned Rogue Ranger Mask of Mist Form - similar to the Vampire Bloodline Feat Daily Power Mist Form. Your form dissolves into a billowing mist. You become insubstantial and gain a fly speed of 8 (hover) but can make no attacks. This effect lasts until the end of your next turn. Sustain Minor. You may retain to normal form as a free action. You may charge in this form but you return to normal form as you make the attack at the end of the charge. You do not grant opportunity attacks while in mist form.
Dream Warrior - small fey caster w/ wings Female Half-elf Unaligned Good Sorcerer Faerie Dragon Breath Weapon Daily Power - (Similar to Adult Faerie Dragon Windgleam) - Close blast 4; Con + 2 vs Reflex; 2d6+2+(1/2 level) radiant damage, and the faerie dragon becomes invisible if two or more enemies are caught in the blast. Miss: Half damage, and the faerie dragon does not become invisible. The faerie dragon becomes invisible until it attacks or until it is hit by an attack.
Falconer of Alahan - human ranger in longcoat w/ falcon and sword Male Human Good Unaligned Ranger After a loss of a loved one to an accident, you vowed never to let it happen again. You learned the immediate reaction, encounter power Succor: grant yourself or an adjacent ally one of your healing surges if they fall to zero or fewer HP. You also can train and use hawks as companions.
Gilles de Rais - robed paladin, dual wielding w/ fancy robes Male Human Good Paladin Cleric Warlord Pearl cloak clasp (as Frostwolf Pelt cape): resist electricity 5, +1 wis/ref/fort, Power (Daily): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you hits you. Effect: The triggering enemy is knocked prone. This item does not consume a neck slot.
Gwernydd - Oracle, winged standard, ""reading entrails"" Female Deva Good Unaligned Shaman During a short rest, she can perform an augury and regain an action point. The augury requires a fresh kill (within last five minutes) but any part of the creature may be used from ash and dust (for undead) to entrails for most living creatures to other aspects as necessary.
Knight Templar of Hod - dual wielding human warrior in ornate armor Male Human Evil Unaligned Fighter You have a necrotic aura. Power (Daily • Healing, Necrotic): Standard Action. Make a melee attack: Dexterity + 4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, the target takes necrotic damage equal to your healing surge value, and you regain hit points equal to that amount.
Kurujai - Fey archer w/ wings Male Eladrin Good Unaligned Ranger As an encounter, free action, Kurujai can attack while flying with no penalties until the end of his next turn. Normally he suffers penalties to hit and damage (see the wiki site).
Kyrus the Somber - heavily armored with flail Male Shifter Unaligned Good Warlord Paladin Fighter You are +5 on intimidate checks. You also gain the feat Weapon Proficiency (spiked chain). While using a spiked chain, you can take a second wind as a minor action.
Lathiem - Large barbarian Male Goliath Unaligned Barbarian Warden Can use a two handed weapon as a one handed weapon and may choose one heroic tier feat that uses a two-handed weapon and ignore any other feat requirements for that feat.
Lord of Carnge - evil looking caster Male Half-elf Evil Unaligned Warlock Arcane Familiar - (Dragonling) which is also a book imp. The character gains all of the features of both a dragonling and book imp familiar. See Arcane Power pg. 140. You may also select an additional arcane familiar feat.
Maneos - female elf elite champion w/ shield Female Elf Good Unaligned Warden Druid Invoker You can scribe runes onto any cape, magic or mundane- The arcane runes on her cape give her access to the 5th level Cleric Daily Power Rune of Peace - Strength vs. Will. Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage, and the target cannot attack (save ends). Miss: still can't attack.
Onetal the Smuggler - dual wielding elf warrior Male Elf Unaligned Good Rogue When dual wielding, he can wreath his weapons in flames, adding +2 fire damage to his attacks. If he has attacks that allow a strike with each weapon, then both attacks gain +2 fire damage.
Red Karnagh - axe-wielding large male w/ lots of attitude Male Shifter Unaligned Evil Warden Avenger Barbarian Acorn of Winter - You gain Ice walk (ignore difficult terrain that is ice or snow). You gain resist 5 + lvl/2 cold. As an encounter free action, you can make any squares (your choice, per square) in an area effect power of yours icey terrain.
Succubus - large winged female w/ two-handed sword Female Tiefling Evil Good Avenger You can attack from the air without penalty if using a non-reach weapon. Your flight speed is equal to your land move speed + 4.
Tempest - large, dragonborn female w/ staff Female Dragonborn Good Unaligned Warlord Cleric Gems of Resistance - On her staff or other item of her choice, she can add gemstones that can be used like those on Keicha's Amulet +n where n is +1 for levels 1-5, +2 for 6-10, etc. +n to will, ref, fort. Does not occupy a slot - Property: After an extended rest, choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison. You gain resist 5 to the chosen damage type. Power (Encounter): Minor. You grant an ally within 5 squares of you the resistance from the amulet (losing that resistance yourself ) until the end of the encounter.
Valkyrie of Alahan - heavily armored female warrior Female Half-Elf Good Paladin Fighter Inspiration daily power: move-equivalent action. Burst 5. Grants regeneration 2 and +2 versus savings throws to self and all allies within sight until the end of the encounter.
Viktoria - female sword master Female Elf Unaligned Good Avenger You gain the Fighter At-Will power Dual Strike. You also get the feat Two-Weapon Fighting feat.
Virae - Druid Queen w/ cat Female Human Unaligned Good Druid Shaman You gain the daily power summon earth elemental, which summons a level-appropriate earth elemental. See ref for details.


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