The Draft Court Cards

The court cards provide effects between the major and minor arcana. Important: see the notes after the tarot card table for details on the various cards.

Major Arcana Court Cards (This page) Minor Cards
Rank Wands Cups Swords Pentacles
Page Level 2 weapon or implement You have an heirloom magic toy. See notes. One of your parents or other close relative is a senior member of a small community, such as the village head-man, high priestess of a spirit's grove, etc Expert Ritualist (PHB2). +2 on ritual skill checks.
Knight Level 2 armor You are very imposing. You gain a +2 on intimidate checks. ""Elf"" friend. Choose a race, not your own. You are considered a friend of that race for a service you or your ancestors performed. Timely Respite (PHB2). You can take a saving throw during a second wind.
Queen Level 2 foot or waist item You are very attractive and gain a +2 on diplomacy checks in the appropriate settings. See notes. You have travelled wildly through the Shattered Forest region and know people and places throughout the area. Alertness (PHB). You don't grant combat advantage during surprise. +2 to perception
King Level 2 head or neck item You have a gift for languages. You can learn two additional languages. Additionally, with some practice, you can speak a dialect as a native. (see notes) Close relative of a king or similar high rank person. You might be the third son of the king, for instance. Durable (PHB) Gain Two healing surges
Ace Level 3 wondrous item You have studied in a great library, which gives you a +2 to a knowledge your choice of history, religion or arcana. You have befriended a creature that can serve you as a flying mount. See notes. Toughness (PHB) Gain 5 extra hit points per tier.


Magic items

Magic items from court cards are worn and have 3 points of durability damage.


Choose a ritual scroll or scrolls that do not exceed the level amount in sum and with no individual scroll exceeding the max amount. A scroll is a one time use item.


Choose ritual or alchemical recipes who total levels do not exceed the level amount and with no individual recipe exceeding the max amount. These recipes are now in your ritual book or alchemical book. Note that a ritual scroll cannot be copied into a ritual book.

Heirloom Magic Toy

This is a magic toy from before the Cataclysm that does not suffer durability damage. The item performs no "useful" function but is instead intended for entertainment or amusement or possibly assistance on minor tasks. Players should work with the referee to determine the item. Despite its nature as a toy, such an item might be worth 1000s of gold to the right person.


  • A small silver pin of a drake that animates on command and crawls around the person or nearby areas on command.
  • A robe that never gets dirty and be commanded to take any color.
  • A chess set where the pieces can be commanded to move on their own. (Say "Pawn to King 4" and the pawn moves.)
  • A magic quill that takes dictation.
  • A pot that cleans it self when placed in water.
  • Dice that roll themselves and roll a specific number when commanded, either verbally or mentally.

Pseudo-Dragon or Similar Creature

You may choose a similar, non-combat creature instead of a pseudo-dragon. Alternately, arcane classes can choose to get the arcane familiar feat for free but can only take the dragonling, falcon, raven or owl familiars.

The pseudo-dragon must be pampered and requires a lot of attention. It does not like crowds (except for elves) and will not enter towns, crowded halls, etc. The pseudo-dragon will wait for its friend if commanded to wait or the friend enters a place where it will not go but there is a 10% chance per day it returns home while waiting. If it returns home, the friend can travel to where he or she first found the drake and with some suitable gifts, entice the pseudo-dragon to rejoin it.

If seriously offended, the pseudo-dragon will leave for ever.

The pseudo-dragon will not fight unless cornered or unless its friend is unconscious in which case it will protect its friend.

Flying Mount

This creature will not fight for you except under extreme circumstances. If intelligent, it is essentially a friend who will give you a ride when you need one. If of animal intelligence, it follows you like a very loyal pet but will not fight in general.

Very Attractive

The bonus applies only in situations where someone may reasonably be swayed by your character's attractiveness. In some circumstances, it may actually cause a penalty (for instance, a beautiful female character addressing a vain queen). The referee may rule that a particular character is not affected for various reasons.

Gift for Languages

If you have this ability, you do not need to take dialects of a language as separate languages since you can mimic any dialect with some exposure to the dialect. Typically, several months or more of exposure are required to master a dialect.


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