Character Selection

Character Selection

After the arena teams are ranked, players select which two of their five figures they want to play in the campaign. While it is not required, it is best at this time to also determine the figure's class so that the other players can make appropriate decisions for their character selection.

Form Two Parties

Next the players as form two parties with a character from each player in each group. The first group will be the initial campaign party. At various points in the campaign, the players can swap in characters from their second party, individually or in mass.


Players are free to trade their rankings for pick order and for stat array selection, separately or together, in return for preference on a role. This may help players sort out who gets to play a class that has a lot of demand (for instance, there may be three players interested in playing a defender and the group would prefer only 2 defenders). Alternately, no one may be interested in playing a leader and the group may need to bribe someone to play the leader.


For instance, Jim and Chris both have a warden they want to play. Jim's warden was on the 1st ranked team. Chris' warden was on the second ranked team. Therefore, both could use the best stat array for their wardens and both have a high rank for tarot card pick order. On the other hand, neither wants two wardens in the group of 10 PC characters and Jim wants to play his warden a bit more than Chris does so in return for Chris taking a figure from a lower ranked team instead of his own warden, Jim offers to trade Chris his ranking for stat array selection.

Chris selects a fighter he had on a 3rd ranked team. Normally, Chris would have to use the stat array from the middle group (for teams ranked 3-4) but since he traded with Jim's warden, Jim will use the middle stat group and Chris will use the higher stat group.


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