The Arena

The Arena is a 60' by 60' (12x12 squares) square battlefield in which the players pit 5 person parties against an opponent team run by one of the players. There are no obstructions on the arena and the arena boundaries are protected by a force field. A large crowd watches from the stands behind the force fields and it is this crowd that must be pleased if a team is to be successful.

Arena Physical Layout

  • 100' by 100' (20x20 squares)
  • The outer boundary is impenetrable above and below ground to, essentially, any distance.
  • Foes and party enter at opposites sides.
  • On the first round, a force field separates the battlefield into two equal sides so that on the first round, characters can move and use powers but they cannot meet.
  • A force field exists 20' in the air, parallel to the ground that prevents movement by flying creatures above 20 feet.

The Foes

Each arena battle, one player runs the opposing side. This player is called the Arena Master. His character in this particular battle is run by one of the other players.
See foe selection for the available foes and rules on how to select them.

The Battle


  • The Arena Master sets up his foes on the far edge of the arena.
  • The players then set up their characters on the far edge of the arena.
  • Players and Arena Master roll initiative. The Arena master rolls for each of his foes individually.
  • On round one, the force field separates the battlefield into two equal halves, parallel to the near and far walls. At the beginning of round two, the field drops.
  • Combat proceeds for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes (or when all characters on one side are eliminated or yield), the battle ends and the final crowd reaction is recorded for both the party and for the Arena Master.

The Flag

The flag is an immovable object at the center of the arena. The team that has a team-member standing on the flag controls the flag. Typically, this will please the crowd and improve the team's standings but that is up to the players to judge.

Crowd Reaction

The players will guage the reaction of the crowd as the fights progess. This is a judgement call and after all fights, there will be a chance to adjust these ratings. The crowd reaction is used as a guide to help with ranking the teams at the end of all arena battles.

There will be a "crowd" meter on the sheet used for the arena battle for tracking crowd reaction. Each round of battle will progress the meter two points (so the faster it goes, the happier the crowd is).


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